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Hot wrap rotation idea

Hot wrap rotation idea

This might be useful for newbies (like myself), and obvious to older members.

I found that during hot wrap - the wrap would get cool and would not heat for the full five minuites, often cooling down after about a minute.

To remedy this I use 2 washcloths soaked in a jug of boiling/hot water.
First apply one wrap, whilst you are doing this take the other wrap out of the water and let it drip off and cool down slightly, then exchange the wraps and put the old one back in the water. Repeat until your warm up time is completed.

Hope this helps, it’s made my routine easier and ensures full heat for the full amount of time.


That’s a good idea Melvin. Nothing worse than a cold washcloth during a warm up. Brrrr. Thanks for sharing. :thumbs:

Great idea… I’ll have to try that one tomorrow.

Forget the wet hot wrap. Buy a microwaivable heating pad, the Bed Buddy Back Wrap at Walgreens for $15.00 is great, it stays warm for 45 minutes and there is no mess whatsoever. I occasionally use the wet hot wrap when I don’t have the privacy to use the microwave in the kitchen, but the Bed Buddy is clearly better. You just feel that you have gotten a better workout when you are properly warmed up.

I got another idea, that might work, seems like it’s working great for me:

While your in the shower, warp a sock or something like that around your dick, aiming the hot water at it, and squeez it abit. so the hot water will soak in. You can continue showering during, or holding your hand around it, so it

will hold some water, warming the area even more.

Try a bidet full of hot water works well

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