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Horse 440's

Horse 440's

I’ve looked around for a detailed description of this exercise, but alas I’ve failed. Is it when you cut the circulation off with an O-shape (thumb + first finger, left hand) and pump blood into the glans by squeezing the shaft (right hand)? I was doing this today and it felt good!


The Horse 440 squeeze works by expanding the tunica laterally via displacing of blood in the penis. Get a fairly good erection and place one hand firmly around the base of your penis so that no blood can escape. Then, loosen your grip and kegel in blood and clasp the hand at the base to keep the blood from leaving. Do this until you have a very firm erection, then form a tight “OK” grip with your other hand and slide it down over the head of your penis (remember to keep the hand at the base clamped tightly as you do this so that no blood escapes the CCs). What you are essentially doing is displacing the blood in the glans so that you can use the added volume to force the tunica to expand laterally. Because of the extreme amount of internal pressure involved in these exercises, they are often used in conjunction with jelqs where every X number of jelqs is followed by a horse squeeze (read as: be VERY careful with these).

So I’ll slide my O-shape from the glans toward my body while cutting circulation off with the other hand?


I’ve never done these but from what I can make out from the instructions, yes. I’m sure someone experienced will help you soon enough.

Good luck


I’ll be anxiously awaiting info. from someone with 440 experience! :)


What kind of injuries do people commonly incur by this? Is it more injury-prone than intense jelqing? Does it induce red spots on the shaft?


Originally Posted by thatthickunit
What kind of injuries do people commonly incur by this? Is it more injury-prone than intense jelqing? Does it induce red spots on the shaft?

These are very effective, and shouldn’t really be any more dangerous than intense jelqing. Make sure and warm up first. I think you will soon find out in your quest for girth, that these red spots are inevitable, and will eventually cause (in most people) a new coloration of your manhood.

Will this exercise make the urethral opening larger? It seems like you could tear or stretch it. Have any of you noticed this? I’m thinking about adopting a modified version of the exercise where I basically start pushing the blood from the middle of the glans. That way I avoid possible damage to my urethral opening.


I’ve never even heard of horse 440’s until today. I swear I learn something new every time I log into this form. Thunders is a great place!

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