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Question on coloration after Horse 440's


Question on coloration after Horse 440's

Hey all,

I was just wondering if any else experienced this coloration after Horse 440’s.

When I do the 440’s, I feel most of the pressure on the underside of my penis (shaft), especially toward the upper 1/3rd of the penis and very little on the top or sides

1) Is this normal for most people?

Next when I’m done, the bottom of my penis (shaft) tends to be a dark purple color. I don’t think its bruising, but more like the blood has been under high pressure. While the top of my shaft is for the most part its normal color.

Also, as a result, I think I’m developing a slight bend upwards because it feels like all the pressure and growth is happening on the underside.

2) Again, is this normal for everyone else?


1) Thinking about it, yes I do. Sometimes I feel a little stinging on the underside. Whether this is down to more pressure or more sensitivity is another question.

Discoloration tends to appear on the underside more. Not sure why, maybe because the veins have slightly less capacity further up the shaft, I’m sure the information is here somewhere (probably in the wrapping to remove discoloration thread). Jelqing will cause this too so if you jelq this may be one of the causes.

2) I’m not sure your bend upward is related to the Horses. What else are you doing? I had a slight upward bend before starting PE and the harder erections and increased length appear to have accentuated it. Seems fairly normal and natural.


The discoloration came to me in the same place with Horses. They’re still there. I have convinced myself that those patches will be seen as somehow erotic, though they are not to me.



So guys:

You think we are stuck with these patches for life? Even if we stop PE completely?

There are very few people on this board who don’t PE anymore. Bib talks about wrapping removing all his discoloration (even pre PE discoloration). Thunder talks of a gradual fade.

These squeezes have upped the discoloration stakes though.

I get the same purple patches and stinging that others have already noted.

Gameow, the blood having been placed under high pressure is exactly what starts the bruising on the road to permanency.

Since I am one of the discolouration poster boys around here I have to say that anyone thinking that these patches will totally fade in time is just kidding themselves.

You may expect them to fade about 50% at best when you abandon PE forever. However once acquired, any PE or aggressive sexual activity makes them very prominent again.

I stopped my attempts at PE for 10 weeks and found the patches to be about 1/3 less severe in contrast to my normal skin colour. As soon as I started up again on Oct. 9 they darkened up immediately so here’s what I’ve been doing:

Between Jelqs or Squeezes I grasp the unit in a Jai stretch (not pulling it out hard, just holding it) so that I can very, very lightly caress/massage the lubricated, discoloured area toward the pubic bone about 10 times. NOTE: These are not Jelqs as I know it is very dangerous to force blood toward the pelvic area.

Also, I am always ending the hot water soak, when I’m satisfied that fresh bruising has been dispersed, by placing the unit under my bathtub tap and running very cold water over it. I do the same “massage thing” here as well. This sudden temperature change drives the blood away from all outlying areas and rids you of small amounts of discolouration. It is helping slightly over time. In the very least, I am sure it is helping to keep fresh discolouration from becoming permanent.

Anyone want to try this and respond with findings of effectiveness?

I have tried the wrapping but cannot wrap long enough safely to induce fluid buildup.

The best solution from what I have analysed on the site is Pumping. When I am in a different living arrangement I will buy a proper pump as Pumpers that Jelq/Squeeze do not acquire discolouration.

More feedback from Pumpers will help confirm these findings…

I’ve been pumping for a few months now, and I do notice that while in the pump and a bit afterwards the discoloration is much less visible, however it always returns to normal after a short time.


For what it’s worth, I never got any permanent discoloration from pumping, but then I’m an adherent of moderate pressure pumping.

My discoloration came from consistent and strenuous erect squeezes of the Horse variety. And to respond to what Braker asked, I don’t think those patches are going to fade quickly, if at all. At least they’re on the bottom of my shaft and, since I point straight out when erect, they’e not awfully noticeable - he consoled himself. :-)




My permanent(?) discoloration came from 2-handed squeezes (base tourniquet grip and squeezing behind the head). I think the problem wasn’t so much the squeezes themselves, but how I did them. The skin between my hands was always taught and took a lot of pressure when the girth expanded during the squeeze. Tight skin + high internal pressure = discoloration.

The Modified Horse 440’s I later tried - by just squeezing the head instead of sliding an OK over it - allowed my shaft skin to stay relatively slack and were much less stressful on it. I don’t think they contributed to the discoloration.

My advice is to adjust your grip so there is as much loose skin as possible between hands before you squeeze. Pull some skin up the shaft and then set your tourniquet grip. You don’t want any slack behind it. Don’t pull your hands apart when you squeeze. If anything, push them together slightly.

avocet - Torso asked if pumping can get *rid* of discoloration, I said that it seem to fade it temporarily but then it returns after a little while. Do you agree?

In my experience (and I pump 5 days a week) there has been absolutely no change in the discoloration. But if pumping helps others to fade the patches, I am happy for them.



Is fluid buildup the key?

I am sad to hear about the discolouration not fading with pumping but I am not very well informed about Pumping so please bear with me.
I understand that some guys sometimes develop FLUID BUILDUP. Yes?

This is an unwanted side effect and is thus avoided. Yes?

BUT, if this fluid buildup were ENCOURAGED then as the fluid is reabsorbed slowly into the body it would, in theory, flush out some of the discolouration from the semi-permeable membrane in which it is trapped. Bib spoke of this in the wrapping to remove discolouration thread and I am assuming the desired phenomenon is the same here. Guys… your thoughts please…

Braker, avocet8 and any Pumpers,

were you combining Pumping and Ulis/Horses in the same session or were you performing each activity separate from one another? Say, Pumping one day and some other PE the next day? Alternatively, did anyone start Pumping after the discolouration was already established?

I know there are guys that avoided discolouration by Pumping in the same session. Therefore, my theory is that new discolouration is not allowed to collect on the penis if pumping is used during the SAME session as Ulis/Horses/Jelqs. If this is so then we can agree that NEW discolouration can be avoided by adopting a routine of combined pumping and Ulis/Horses/Jelqs.


brilliant idea about keeping extra loose skin in the squeezed are! I will try it in my next session.

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Was doing PE for two years with no discoloration until I started the horse squeeze and other heavy duty erect squeezes, now I have a patch on the shaft on the top side. I really don’t care I call it my racing stripe


I have to say I don’t like my patches much. I also don’t look forward very much to being asked about it next time I have sex or by my next girlfriend. What do I say?

Torso - interesting ideas, though at least some of them don’t hold up in reality. I do pump and squeeze at the same session, and my discoloration has gotten worse in the last couple of months, and I’ve started pumping about 3 or 4 months ago. So I believe that - at least for me - pumping does not prevent new discoloration.

However, as I said, I do notice that while I’m in the pump and for some minutes (or maybe even an hour) after, it seems to be much less visible. Unfortunately it always returns after a while and as I said it actually seems to get worse lately.

Could this temporary fading be a clue that it is possible to fight discoloration with pumping? Maybe.

Could the fluid buildup be a key to this? Maybe. Seems to make some sense. And since I don’t want fluid and try to minimize it, then maybe I’ve missed out on the potential to fade it more.

But - the problem is that fluid is (at least for me) a really unwanted side effect of pumping, I hate it. I can’t squeeze or jelq properly if I have too much fluid, and I feel like I’m defeating the whole purpose of pumping: to enlarge my unit internally as opposed to pump temporary fluid on the outside making it feel like a sponge and resulting in other side effects like the donut effect.

I guess if you are right, then it might have been wise to do a long pumping session at the end of each session in order to get fluid in to wash any new discoloration out. But having in mind all the negative effects of this plus all of avocet thinking about reducing the time in the tube, I feel hesitant to try.

Horse problems

Hi all.

It’s me, Horse440.

Perhaps there’s an important detail about the Horse440s that I never mentioned: I’m uncut. And before doing a squeeze, I always use the skin as a guide for the head ok grip.

I’m imagining some people are doing the ok directly on the head, thus applying even more pressure. The foreskin sort of acts like a cushion allowing the maximum possbible pressure to never actually be “maximum”.

I’m sorry I never mentioned this, it’s just that I’m uncut, and almost everyone I see in locker rooms etc is uncut, cause that’s the way it is in my country (and should be, everywhere, IMO).

I don’t know if you cut guys can adapt this cushioning by the foreskin, somehow…


keep at it.

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