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DLD - Bends and Horse 440's diff. exercises?

DLD - Bends and Horse 440's diff. exercises?

Hey DLD,

Quick question for you. Do you consider DLD bends and Horse 440’s as separate exercises?

Doing bends and 440’s are similiar except with the bends you bend the penis instead of keeping it straight. My take was this was an enhanced (and maybe more effective) Horse 440.

But I’m seeing posts where guys are talking about doing a set of 440’s AND a set of bends……… in different excercises. I stopped doing 440’s and only were doing the bends thinking I was getting the same effect.

I was curious as to your thoughts and whether you consider them separate exercises or the same thing.



There is a compression component to the H- Squeeze. You are pushing your to hands together where as the bend is just that with no compression.

Check out my video thread. Basically to do a DLD Bend, you do a horse 440 squeeze, THEN bend the dick, THEN do a rolling motion. The only difference between the two is the bend and the rolling. Once again, if you haven’t a clue about what I am talking about, check out my videos I shot for these 2 exercises.

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gameow, as other have already said, these are two very different exercises. The 440 works a specified area between the hands at the point of compression as the DLD Bends work along the rolled plain. I use both when training because I feel the two exercises work very well together. The bends I do at almost 100% erect, as I finish my 30 second bend my penis is at about 80% erect and this is right where I want to be for a 440. I super set these into my jelq. routine at every 100 jelq.

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