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High protein diet to help build mass


High protein diet to help build mass

Maybe a stupid idea, perhaps not..

Since I work out daily and follow a high protein diet in order to build muscle bulk - and it works!! - I was wondering if it might help too with PE - which I just started and I soooo hope is going to work.

Although the penile tissue is not strictly muscle, the principle of proteins being the main ‘mass building’ agent in principle should work with PE too? Please someone tells me that they tried and it worked? I am spending a fortune in Sirloin steaks.

Any other supps that might help?

Originally Posted by Stayblack
Any other supps that might help?

Yes, and it is very cheap and easy to obtain: H2o.

If you are bodybuilding you are probably already doing all the things that can help with PE gains. Stay hydrated, eat a healthy & well balanced diet, stay away from tobacco and alcohol, and visualize your size increases as you do you work out. Even if you are a freakishly fast gainer the amount you gain, expressed in terms of weight gain, will be negligible.

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Thanks for the advices. Luckily I drink gallons of water, drink alcohol only socially and and I quit smoking 3 years ago.

Originally Posted by Slack
If you want lots of protein, buy Whey powder, not steak.

Steak tastes better.


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Originally Posted by Slack
Protein builds muscle. With no muscle in the penis, it wont help.

Who told you there is no muscle in the penis? That’s one incorrect information that many of you keep saying…

Muscle tissue is ONE of the structures of the penis.

Just like good nutrition and a good diet helps your body, it should generally help your penis. I’ve been jelqing on schedule for about a month and have experienced an amazing .5” increase in both length and girth. Can I attribute this entirely to my routine? Possibly. Or maybe other factors are included.

I workout every other day and the following every other day I do PE. Though mostly intended for the workout, I take protein supplement pills and multivitamins every morning with my breakfast.

Maybe that all helps a bit.. Who knows.


The smooth muscle (arterial control etc) in the penis doesn’t mean it should be treated like a muscle when it comes to PE. It’s likely to confuse the issue.

Though I read up on penile anatomy once I got here and continually since then, I didn’t register the idea that the penis contained muscle cells at all until I’d been here some time. It didn’t harm my gains any.

Protein helps in the rebuilding of not just skeletal muscle tissue, but any tissue, including the soft tissues in the penis.

Protein is indeed important, not least because it helps prevent scarring.

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I always understood that protein helps rebuild cells. I don’t see how this wouldn’t help with PE. I was personally interested since I have a huge thing of whey protein and am deciding to use it. Hopefully it helps. We will see.

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I made great strides in lifting weights with very little protein in my diet. I was high Carb all the way(Lots of pasta adn potatoes). I personally think protein is overrated. YOu need it. But I’m not so sure how much a bodybuilder or strength athlete actually needs, beyond the daily requirements of protein for the average Joe, to make sizeable gains. My experience was not much.

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Agree with huff. Have also done a lot of exercise/training on low protein diets. Protein excess is, in my opinion, a causative factor (acting in concert with environmental toxins/stress/etc.) to the upwell in the cancer rates which we’ve seen since, well, since we’ve been pounding all of this protein. I am more fit/healthy on a dietary level of protein below the USRDA reccommendations. You can eat all the protein in the world, but if your body’s digestive system is overburdened by it then, well, you’re creating as much harm through it as you are benefit. The main thing you want is complete body health. The absolute pinnacle of radiant health is what will help your PE the most (IMO) because that is what will help your body to heal the most completely and quickly after a workout.

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