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High protein diet to help build mass


Originally Posted by huff
But I’m not so sure how much a bodybuilder or strength athlete actually needs, beyond the daily requirements of protein for the average Joe, to make sizeable gains. My experience was not much.

Here are numbers from the book The Ketogenic Diet, citing the source as “Lemon P. Is increased dietary protein necessary or beneficial for individuals with a physically active lifestyle? Nutrition Reviews (1996) 54: S169-S175.”

Protein requirements for athletes (grams per pound):
Endurance athletes 0.54 - 0.63
Strength athletes 0.72 - 0.81

Obviously they were eating sufficient carbohydrates. If you eliminate carbs, again from Lyle’s book:

As established in chapter 5, the prevention of nitrogen losses requires a protein intake of at least 1.75 grams protein/kg LBM (0.8 grams/ lb of bodyweight) OR 150 grams of protein, whichever is higher.

You need both protein and carbs to grow. A balance of the two would be good if your are just trying to grow an get bigger in the gym. There are different carbs out there good and bad. You just need to eat more of the good carbs. Certain pasta,sweet potato,ect,ect. I have been working out for 15yrs not an expert but I do know a little bit. Besides PE the gym is my other obsession. The only problem is life sometimes gets in the way.

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