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Hey everyone A newbie to the forums with a question here

Hey everyone A newbie to the forums with a question here

Hey everyone! Hope the new year is treating everyone well!

I’m a newbie here and I have a question about extenders.

I have VERY little PE experience (mostly stretching here and there with a few jelqs not even worth mentioning) but I’ve been looking into extenders and I think I want to get one. Here’s the tricky part.. No credit card so I can’t order one. I’m going to call one of the sex shops in my city and see if they sell them (do most sex shops sell them?) other than that I was just wondering what peoples experience with them are.I’m going to be working alone for the next 5-7 months and I feel this would be the perfect time to use one of these things ( why not get paid to make your dick bigger am I right?) There’s a local pharmacy that has an add that they have the Andropenis extender for $250 (Canadian) and I’m just wondering from anyone has used that one with some decent gains and is it a quality product?

There’s so much conflicting stuff on the web about extenders because when ever I look for a review about one you can basically tell its someone trying to push the product because they work for them or something.. If someone can help me out and answer the few questions I mentioned I would really appreciate it.

I feel with having all this time to myself at work and my job is pretty damn slack that this would be such a great opportunity to do some PE’ing, I’m about 6 inches long when I’m erect with a roughly 4 inch circumference.. Flaccid is where the killer hits because I’m a fairly big framed (not fat, I’m actually into bodybuilding) fellow and my flaccid hang is laughable at roughly 3 inches but very thin and I hear extenders are good for flaccid gains..

Just wondering if someone whose experienced can help me out with these questions I’m sure you’ve all heard a million times.. Don’t get mad at me.. Its my first day!

Thanks !

HI, nothing beats On The Job PE!

Could you pay an online vendor with paypal? Failing that you can pick up a prepaid card.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Is there any links for places that will take online pay pal? Thanks for at least giving me a response, I figured more people by now would chime in but like I said I am a newbie and I’m assuming most people have heard this time and time again lol.. I just emailed the pharmacist for the andro because it seems to be the only one I can get my hands on in my situation. But if theres an easier method for a better extender I would love to hear it. (I surprisingly called all the sex shops in my city and they didnt even know what I was talking about , they thought I meant an extension instead of an extender, they didnt even know what it was like wtf ) lol

You may want to consider an inexpensive (about $15) on E-Bay which accepts pay-Pal or prepaid credit card. Though not as comfortable and no customer support, it will give you an opportunity to try one to see if you like extending without laying out big bucks before you know if you want to get serious.

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