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Newbie Question regarding Stretching Jelqing

Newbie Question regarding Stretching Jelqing

Hello guys, 20 years old here, I’m at 5’3 inches BPEL and for now aiming at 6’ inches BPEL , realistically, I just want to surpass or reach my 6 inch ruler (you know those classic metal-ish 6 inch ruler, yeah those ones) , once I do that I’ll be quite happy and satisfy, until then I’ll remain self conscious and insecure. I mostly want length gains though I wouldn’t mind girth gains as well. I haven’t measured my girth as I couldn’t find the tools for it yesterday, so for now I only have knowledge of my length.

I tried the newbie routine yesterday, or more so this morning around 3AM EST, and it was a complete fail. I don’t know if I was doing it properly or not. I did the 5 minutes hot wrap, and everything seems fine. But I had trouble with the manual stretching (keep in mind that I’m doing the recommended newbie routine). I couldn’t get a steady erection. In fact, it stayed flaccid throughout the entire stretch period (am I supposed to be erect?) I don’t even know if I can give you a percentage of whether or not I was hard or not, because I simply couldn’t tell. It was as if my penis was just unmotivated to do the work. Is that wrong? Should I be flaccid or not?
And then I thought to myself, maybe, I should try a different stretching technique? So now I’m thinking about BTC stretching instead of manual stretching – would that be okay? And another question, now I know it says that you should try to remain 50 to 80% erect during jelqing but is it necessary? Can I still jelq while flaccid? Because I had a hard time jelqing yesterday following the stretch period, and I had no clue if what I was doing was correct or not.

I did manage to do 50 Kegels, and that was about the only thing that I feel I achieved without a problem.

Currently, I’d say my routine is looking like this
5 minutes hot wrap
5 minutes manual stretch (ten 30-second stretches)
10 minutes of jelq (two hundred 3-second strokes)
5 minutes hot wrap
50 kegels of five second holds each

I’d like to switch manual stretch to BTC stretch, but I don’t know if that would do me any good, so I’m asking your opinion on it? And if I do BTC stretch, how do I go about it? As in, how long do I keep the penis tucked between my legs and under my buttocks?

I wonder if I can go only maintain a routine of stretches and jelqing alone to increase the length. I’ve seen a few threads such as this one link regarding length gains, my other question is if I should instead follow what firegoat suggested in that thread.

Jelqing requires some blood in the hammer, so there should be 30-70% erection. Stretching is the best when its totally flaccid. In the beginning of PE journey You may find it difficult to maintain it, but it depends of practice and concentration.

About BTC: I haven’t done it yet. I do normal stretches with good PI’s, so for me that’s the way to go. Maybe try simple stretches for about week and then BTC for a week and look which works better for You. If You are interested mainly in length, I suggest You to increase amount of stretches in the future- remember to listen to PI’s. I think that’s all. Do that routine or change to Linear Routine keep positive PI’s and gain. Remember not to over train.

Keep working your unit and reading and posting.

Stretches should be flaccid, but jelqs vary as to the amount of erection required for effect.

The more erect your jelq the more you effect girth, unless you are pulling hard enough to engage the ligaments, which really defeats the purpose of jelqing, which is to flush as much blood into the penis as possible to expand the different tissues inside.

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Going for the magic 8"x6"

I tried it again this afternoon, not to over do it, but more so to test it if I was doing correctly. I did some stretching for about 6 minutes, did the manuel stretch as shown in the video and then proceeded to do some jelqing. At some point I lost count of my repeats because of having to re-stimulate my unit back to a semi erection, so instead I just focused on at least clinching the 12-15 minute mark, stroking at that same pace. I felt a tingling sensation at the head numerous times after I pushed down my ‘OK’ grip - is that a good thing? I’m black so I couldn’t really visually tell if I was pushing blood to the head but I did notice it reddening just a little bit, which I think is a good sign? Anyways, if I’m on the right track then I shall continue, it seems like my second attempt was much better than my first.

Sounds like you got right, I find jelqing to a time limit better. Keep an eye out for you PIs and EQ and you’ll be sweet, just remember go easy on the pressure till you get more familiar with things.

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Goal 7.5 x 5.5

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