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I know this must seem strange to talk about, but I’m wondering if anybody else has had direct experience with this.
Yes I’m only 19, but about a year and a half ago I had a hernia operation (Apparently I was born with it and it just got worse as I got older). So I have a scar on the right side right above my crotch area.
Anyway, just wondering what effects PE might have on this. Quite a while back, I had tried PE but found that I could feel pain starting to grow where my scar was. I didn’t know if it was coincidence or directly related to the PE and stretching and such. Anyway that made me stop PE and the pain went away.
Now I’m starting PE again, but this time taking it in gradual steps (a little more intense each session). I haven’t notice anything really, but sometimes I can definitely feel like it’s “stretched”.

Anyway the doctor had told me I should be able to continue to do HEAVY LIFTING after about 2 months after the surgery so it’s definitely been far longer than that. I imagine that stretching and stuff could possible help the area to be less “stiff” but was just wondering if anybody has any direct experience or advice :)
Thanks so much.

I had hernia surgery as well and started back on PE about 4 months afterwards. Never had any problems in terms of pain etc. Just keep going slowly and stop if you feel like it is hurting you. You might have tried going back to PE too quickly last time and your mind is telling you to go slower this time.

I don’t think PE counts as heavy lifting, although I suppose it depends on what you do.

I would hazard a guess that the Newbie Routine would be absolutely within bounds, provided of course that you have had enough time to heal from the surgery.

From your post it seems that is the case.

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