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Help with the routine

Help with the routine

Hi guys

Recently iv been doing the newbie routine and that has given me some gains. But I am having trouble creating a new routine that will be more advanced than the newbie routine using the exercises. I have recently bought a pump and I want to include that in my routine but I don’t know how to put all this together both the pump and the exercises in more of an advanced routine.

If anyone has thoughts or can help me out with a routine it will be much appreciated

jasonjames, welcome to the forum. I’d suggest reading in the pumpers forum. There’s a TON of useful information there. I’d especially recommend avocet8’s thread on vacuum pumping 101. Be careful and realise that pumping is usually recommended for PE ers who are a little more conditioned. Stick with the newbie routine for a couple of months and read, read, read. Good luck on the journey!

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Don’t read the pumpers forum, your still a Newbie. You should be doing the Newbie routine for at least 3-5 months before you do anything else. You need to condition your penis before anything else. Welcome to Thunders, don’t try to run before you can walk. Read around a lot, and stay safe.

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There’s more than one way to go:

Kevin’s log…or soon to be “Log”

More than one man has increased the amount of time off or decreased the amount of jelqs in order to start getting gains, get faster gains, or restart stalled gains.

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Cool thanks alot guys for the advice I jut thought that I might need to advance my program to get better gains but I understand know that conditioning is more important

I agree. Remember, your changing you genetic blueprint. All the other parts have to grow as well-blood vessels, nerves the uretha. They all have to adjust. Its sensitive equipment.

I try to go with feel. If I feel that its good to go a little longer or my member is handling
the strain and I can squeeze a little harder I do.

So basically stick with the newbie routine for 5 months until I feel that I can push more ?

The newbie program is for 3 months. But if I am still gaining with it I won’t change a thing.

I think from reading around, you go until there are no more gains for like a month then re-think it.

For me I will take a month off and then try to re-start the newbie program again.

A little work on spelling and punctuation, please, Jason?

Originally Posted by jason james

Cool. Thanks a lot, guys, for the advice. I just thought that I might need to advance my program to get better gains, but I understand now that conditioning is more important.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

So ruffly how long should I wait to increase my exercises or reps like over 5 months or just what I feel

Jason James, continue with the newbie routine, or your version of it, until you aren’t getting gains, then change things up so to speak.

And I know that another moderator has mentioned this to you, but we are kinda sorta fussy about spelling. We do have this wonderful feature called spell check that I use all of the time. Its located in the row that you have to push to submit your posts. Simple typos most of us will let slide, but ruffly should be roughly.

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Ok sorry about that thanks for the advice

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