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Help me with pe weights

Help me with pe weights

Hey guys, I’m having trouble finding the best way to keep the pe weights on my dick. I’ve been using just one weight and wrapping below the glans and using a cableclamp to keep the weight from sliding off. The only bad thing is I have to constantly monitor my glans to make sure it isn’t turning cold and purple. Yesterday I bought some “coban-like” tape at a pet store, but don’t know the best way to use it. Do I just wrap beneath the glans so it acts like a “stopper” for the weights? Can someone please explain this to me? By the way, the tape is 2” thick. Thanks

Sounds dangerous. Use the search function at the top right of the page, and look for the Capn’s Wench. The materials are inexpensive and the product is easy to make.

I use a long enough piece of wrap that I actually wrap on both sides of the PEWeights. I feed the wrap thru the weights, a couple wraps right below the glans and then over the weights, and a few wraps at the base over the first loose end to tie everything together. Using this method I don’t need a cable clamp and it spreads the pressure out so I don’t have to wrap so tight reducing circulation. Works like a charm (most of the time anyway) ;)

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