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Help correcting penis tilt/roll, please


Help correcting penis tilt/roll, please

Hey guys,

Sorry for a slightly off-topic post, but it’s not _that_ off topic and I really need some good advice. There’s probably more penis-modification knowledge on this site than anywhere else on the internet, so I gotta ask.

I’m a handsome, fit young man but I have a problem: when my dick gets hard it rolls and leans (doesn’t curve, though, except slightly up) to the left by about 10-15 degrees. I’m 99% certain this is because I was dressed in tight briefs as an adolescent and always put my wang to the left when I got one of those classroom erections. Just to be clear, the penis itself isn’t curved, but rather it seems like the muscles and ligaments and stuff which hold the penis in place when erect are uneven. If I hold the penis while erect I can place it in the normal position by rotating it slightly.

I always knew that this was bad but now that girls are trying to get in my pants I’m really self-conscious about it and want to fully correct it. I’m happy with my size, not big but how god made me: six inches and fairly thick around. I know that’s tiny compared to some of you guys but I just want to get this tilt fixed before I start thinking about PE.

So for the last 2 weeks I’ve been doing an exercise I thought up; it’s hard to measure this sort of problem but I think I might have made a tiny improvement. However, for safety’s sake I want to run it past you guys to make sure what I am doing is not stupid: the last thing I want to do is hurt my dick.

Here’s what I do:

1. Get a woody via porn.
2. Lay down on my bed and grasp my wang with either hand as close to the base as I can.
3. Twist the penis in the opposite direction of its roll until I feel pain at the base of the penis inside my body. Depending on how hard I am, this happens when my dick is in anywhere from the 9 o’clock to the 7 o’clock position (if you were looking down on me). In other words, I’m rotating my dick 90 - 165 degrees counterclockwise along its central axis.
4. Hold it like this as long as I can stay hard, sometimes clenching that muscle at the base which is in pain. This makes it hurt a little more and my workout instincts make me think that’s a better stretch, but I don’t really know. It’s not the painful kind of pain, if you know what I mean.

So here are my questions for you guys:

1. Is what I’m doing safe? Am I going to do damage to my penis or make my condition worse? What are the safety rules for doing this kinda thing?

2. Is what I’m doing going to work? Or am I just wasting my time? The results people talk about on this site are encouraging because it seems like with determination you can really change what your dick looks like, but on the other hand it’s easy to become depressed about my situation.

3. If improvement can happen, what’s a reasonable time goal for completely fixing my condition? Is it unreasonable to think that, if I stay with this diligently for the whole year, I’ll see major improvement by the end of 2005? Or is that unrealistic, and I’m in for a much longer commitment?

4. What sort of improvements can you guys recommend for my routine, particularly regarding my schedule? I don’t really have a schedule; I do the exercise whenever I feel really depressed about my condition. Should I be doing this every day, or should I take days off? How long should I do it? 10-15 minutes, 3 times a day would be easy to do. Or do I need to do it for much longer per day to see results?

5. Has anybody talked about this kind of problem on this site before? I’ve seen a lot of posts about correcting a curve, but none about fixing a weird “exit angle.” If anybody has shared their experiences with this I’d really appreciate seeing it.

Thank you guys so much, and sorry for the really long post. Have a great new year and may your wangs grow 5 inches longer in 2005.

Hi afgh and welcome to the forum.

First the routine you are doing. It’s not generally considered a good thing to bend or stretch your dick with a full erection. The view is and probably has been proven that doing bends can cause severe damage to your unit whilst it’s rock hard.

I imagine what you have is basically a curve, but it takes place lower down your dick.

Probably as the day goes on some of the expert vets can offer some advice, but doing a search, (which you might like to try on say ‘curve’ or ‘bend’ ) will bring up some threads where guys have asked advice about correcting them.

I wouldn’t imagine you would do much in the way of harm by doing exercise while it is semi hard. It may be that stretching either with a stretching device, (search) or hanging at an opposite angle to your bend, Look in the hangers forum

The important thing is to remember to warm up the area before you do exercises, and of course seat your dick in the opposite direction in your shorts or briefs.

I’m afraid it will take as long as it takes - There’s no guarantees in this particular direction

Hope that is of some help.



Thanks for the info, that really is disappointing though. I’ll inspect later but it really doesn’t feel like a curve, thanks for the warning against hard excersizing though.

Thanks man

Sorry to respond to my own post, but having done some anatomy research and feeling myself up a bit, I’ve become convinced that the problem lies not in any curvature at the base of the penis, but in a tendency of the fundiform ligament to tighten more on one side than the other, tilting the penis.

So my question now is, “how can I safely reshape the fundiform ligament to correct my tilt?” I can’t think of any other way than gentle erect bends (thanks to petit’s warning and browsing of this site, I definitely will not twist hard enough to cause pain, as this was dangerous and affecting only the wrong part of the anatomy).

Thanks very much; I look forward to seeing what others have to say.

The only way I know to solve the curvature issue is to jelq in the opposite direction of the curve.

Mr. Bigs,

Thanks man, but I’m 99% sure it’s a ligament thing and not having to do with curvature. I do curve upwards but that doesn’t bother me.

Thanks alot for your reply though.

I too have a similar problem and I was actually going to search for advice here on the boards today. My dick itself doesn’t really curve, but it seems at the very base of the penis, the right side (ligament?) tends to push my penis to the left. Thus making my dick pointed towards the left while erect only. I think I also need to take up some sort of routine to fix this problem. I hope some vets here would provide some advise, and if someone has actually fixed this problem before, please do tell us how you did it so.

Definitely getting bigger.

Hey The Lurker,

Sorry to hear that you have this same problem, but glad to know I’m not the only one. Out of curiousity, does your penis simply tilt, or does it also roll? In other words, is the shaft slightly rotated to the left, or is it level but just pointing to the left. I hope that makes sense.

Also, do you have any reason to believe this was environmental? I know that in my case it was caused by wearing too-tight undies and always letting my erection go to one side when I was a kid.

Thanks man, hope we get some advice.


I also experience a similar problem to yours. Mine is a little less severe than yours however. I experience both the tilt and the roll while flaccid however it seems to straighten out when I am erect. Since mine is caused by always “dressing right” my whole life, I would imagine the best way to help correct it would be to consciously “dress left”. Some gentle twisting when flaccid probably wouldn’t hurt either. I can’t say from experience since I’ve only been at this for a short period of time but I wouldn’t ever go into the pain threshold while twisting.

It “slightly” rolls to the left I guess. But the tilt is the main concern and the one I am wanting to get fixed.

However, I can tell you that I only have this problem when I am erect and not flaccid. It maybe a little environmental now that you mentioned it. I am going to try to keep my member more to the right from now on.

However, I doubt that is going to be much of a big help. I believe the answer would lie on certain types on exercises to make the tilt go away gradually over time. I am willing to try anything, and I am a very patient person.

I have noticed nice little gains in size over the past half a year, and if in 2 years time, I have a more straightened out bigger dick, I would consider myself king.

Definitely getting bigger.


I tried a couple of exercises last night to see what would pull the ligament.on one side.

You might like to try this. but don’t tie yourself in a knot.

Best done lying down on a bed on the side that is ‘short’

Reach out behind your back with the opposite side, ie. Your left ligament is short so use the right hand. set your wrist round your bum, and grab hold of your dick then pull it taught.

Then try tensing your stomach muscle at the lower part of the abdoemn pulling inwards and upwards as it were. You should find the ligament gets some tension on it. You can exert quite a bit of pressure here so take gently until you get the movememnt right. More pressure is available if you tense your bum muscle but leave that till later.

It will put some pressure on your dick generally so don’t hold it too tight as you weill put a heavy sqeeze on the urethra and head .

You can do this as long as you like but your wrist will get tired after a while so will limit your overdoing it.

As I said. You will find the ligament is under tension on the left side and will give it a good ‘pull’

Finally, Don’t forget to warm up before doing it. Making sure the ligs are warm as far in your body as you can. An infra red heater would be best here.

For anyone else who just wants a good stretch do it both sides. you will find your dick get very fat as well as the tension. And you might get some length out of it.

Good luck.

Long John Petit

A couple of PS’s

Best done rasonably if not completely flaccid as you will fill your dick with blood doing it and as mentioned before it will get some swelling.

You can grab your dick in a way that will twist it in the direction you want to correct the twist it has so the tension will help to correct this also.



Dude, thank you very much for your reccommendation, I will try it out this evening and see how it goes. My only concern is, do stretches like this just stretch out the ligaments, or can they affect the tissues of the penis as well? Because I definitely don’t want to _induce_ any sort of curvature by constantly yanking my penis in one direction. However, I think your reccommendation is great and I will start using it tomorrow. I also feel that gently twisting the penis while it is erect will help, but I agree that twisting it far or hard is both dangerous and useless.

My plan for tomorrow:
1. Warm up ligaments with hot shower (don’t have an IR lamp yet), 15 minutes
2. Do exercise described by petitfaun, 15 minutes
3. Gently twist erect penis, holding it in position that slightly stresses ligament, 15 minutes

Thanks man, I will keep you up to date with my progress (if any) and thank you for helping me out.


Hope it works for you. Just make sure you take it steadily, then you can see if anything is happening that you don’t want.

You can also warm up with a flannel paced in hot water (wring out) and then wrap it round your willy and spread it over where you feel the ‘pull’ on your ligs.

Start with a little less than 15 mins to accustom yourself to it. Then build up to 15 mins but occasionally give it a rest for a minute then carry on. It gives your wrist a rest and lets the ligs off the hook for a minute.

If you feel any pain then stop immediately, then back off with the pressure. All you want to feel is a ‘pull’ on the ligs. No point in gritting your teeth!

Good luck and keep us posted.



I did your exercise for about 10 minutes today after warming up in the shower, it felt good, very similar to the kind of stretching I feel when doing the erect stretching but obviously much safer. I have a couple questions though:

1. I was under the impression that the suspensory ligament was just one thing, which came down from the center and connected to the top surface. But when I do your exercise the tugging I feel is along a diagonal, near the inguinal ligament. However, I also feel tugging on the whole left side at the base; is this the real tugging of the ligament, and the other part is just the muscle which is doing the tugging? It feels like this is so. I want to make sure because I want to get a good understanding of the anatomy in my mind. If the suspensory ligament is just one thing then stretching it lengthwise could neither have caused nor could fix my problem; in other words, it’s not like there are two ligs, one stronger than the other pulling one side up. But I’ve heard it explained that the suspensory and fundiform ligs wrap around the penis to form a sort of webbing around it; is what I am doing attempting to reshape how the penis sits in that webbing? That’s the only way I can get my brain around it.

2. When I do your exercise, should I be sucking in or constricting my abs, or pumping the muscle at the base of the penis between the anus and testicles? Or both? I felt like I was working both of them today, but I want to make sure I’m doing what you did.

3. My only question regarding the curvature was really if anybody had had any success correcting a curve just using stretching to one side. If nobody has managed to fix a curve by doing what I’m doing, I’m not too worried that it will induce a curve.

Thank you so much man.

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