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Help correcting penis tilt/roll, please


It’s rather difficult to define, But from what you have said, there seemesto be a tightening of the fundiform ligament rather than the suspensory . So can I suggest you try to locate the fun lig by pulling your dick down at the front, (not from the rear) first you will feel the suspensory lig at the top. Then as you pull to the right you will find the Fundiform ligament at the left side. There is no muscle in your penis. So it seem as if it is the fun lig that needs the stretch if that is possible, and that is the one you should adjust your grip to concentrate on.

The idea here is to pull your body away from your grip on your dick so its just a case of pulling your lower stomach in so as to ‘flatten’ it You probably have a fairly flat stomach anyway this just pulls it in further pulling to the right just puts the load on the lower lig. So ‘sucking’ it in is what is wanted You don’t need to pull the muscle in front of your anus but it doesn’t matter if you do

Try to get your grip nearer to the base of your unit then you will be putting pressure on the part of the lig you want to reshape. Although there shouldn’t be a curving problem as you are really pulling in a straight line as it were, and not bending your dick but pulling it at an angle. Inevitably you will be putting some pull on the suspensory lig, but that is the way your dick is put together

In a sense you are in fact stretching one side of your dick. So you must expect any ‘gains’ will take the same sort of time scale as a normal stretching of the whole dick
As it is only one side it might happen sooner but you will have to be patient.

Hope that helps


My friend, your help and advice has been invaluable. I am a patient person and can wait a long time, just so long as I am doing something to improve the situation. I will keep you guys up to date and, god willing, have something to contribute by year’s end to the fora’s awesome pool of knowledge.

Thanks again

My plasure agfh.

Certainly, you will have something unique to contribute, so it might be worth taking notes.

Good luck


agfh111, great stretch technique, I’ll have to try that one once I’ve been in the newbie routine for a bit. I have the same condition petitfaun has. I noticed it when I was about 19, my shaft rolled counter-clockwise a full 90 degrees. I wore briefs all my life (until that point) and always “dressed left” as you all so aptly stated it. Since that time I have always worn boxers and done my best to make sure i was hanging to the right. I am now 31 (so about 11 years have passed), and beleive it or not it has straightened out quite a bit. Not fully yet but very close. Now with agfh’s suggesstion I maybe able to straighten it out for good. I think reshaping the fundiform ligament is what needs to be done. Thanks man! Can’t wait to try it.


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Originally Posted by agfh111
3. Twist the penis in the opposite direction of its roll until I feel pain at the base of the penis inside my body. Depending on how hard I am, this happens when my dick is in anywhere from the 9 o’clock to the 7 o’clock position (if you were looking down on me). In other words, I’m rotating my dick 90 - 165 degrees counterclockwise along its central axis.
4. Hold it like this as long as I can stay hard, sometimes clenching that muscle at the base which is in pain. This makes it hurt a little more and my workout instincts make me think that’s a better stretch, but I don’t really know. It’s not the painful kind of pain, if you know what I mean.

Does anyone else find this confusing? I thought I knew what he was talking about, then he tried to explain it, and lost me.

To correct your problem, the reason a dick curves is because the ligaments are tighter/shorter on one side. to correct this, you need to stretch that side out more. ie if it curves to the right, like mine did, you need to stretch it to the left more. Hope this helps that problem.

BTW, don’t do anything that hurts you.


I know exactly what you’re dealing with, I have the same problem. My suggestions are based solely on my own experience and research into this matter. I have found that the opposite stretching does help with the slight curvature that I have although it doesn’t seem to help with the “roll” issue. From what research I have done, I believe that the problem is a direct result of excessive calcium deposits in a certain area of the penis. I know that it sounds a little far fetched but hear me out. From what I understand, calcium deposits build up in areas that have suffered either a sudden trauma, in my case I missed really bad during a heated session if you know what I mean, or they result from a prolonged situation, such as your tighty whiteys. In any case, the calcium deposit can influence the “lie” of your ligs, causing them to roll to one side or the other. The one thing that I have found that will combat this is good ole’ vitamin E. They make topical ointments for such situations, although I doubt they had the penis in mind. I however have never tried them, I’ve only taken the oral vitamin and from what I have experienced, they worked. Apparently vitamin E gradually softens calcium deposits resulting in re-absorption into the body. I hope it works for you. And as for the ladies wanting to get into your pants, there are certain ways that curves and rolls in the penis can work to your can sometimes hit those hard to reach places that the straight shooters can’t. Rock and keep Rollin’.


I hope that the technique you are referring to is the one reccomended by petitfaun, not the one I originally suggested. Rotating the penis while erect, as I was doing, is dangerous and probably not going to do much anyway. Flaccid stretches of the fundiform are definitely the way to go.
I too have noticed an improvement since I started dressing to the right a year ago, but not a total fix. However, I am confident that my new routine will work well. I hope that it works for you too. It’s really encouraging to know I’m not the only guy with this problem. Good luck my friend!


I’m not doing that exercise anymore, as petitfaun convinced me it was dangerous. You say that you corrected a tilt by stretching out the ligs on your right side; how long did that take? I’m just wondering if it took months or years, so I don’t get discouraged. I’m glad to know that at least one person has had success correcting this. Did you find that stretching consistently to one side more than the other had any side effects? My major concern is that pulling mostly to the right will also stretch out the left CC, causing my wang to curve right. However, I’m not that worried since a) the exercise described by petitfaun really puts the pressure right on the lig, but doesn’t stress the one CC that much more than the other, and b) it seems like the ligs stretch alot easier than the CCs. Anyway, thanks for your comment, I’d be much obliged if you could tell me more, like the details of what you did and how long the correction took. Thanks man.


Thanks man, I will keep the Vitamin E idea in mind. I made a little model and it is certainly possible that my roll is caused by the one lig being shorter than the other, but you are right that it could also be caused by the penis sitting wrong in the “sling” of the fundiform. If doing stretches doesn’t seem to help, I will try taking Vitamin E to see if that helps fix the problem.
Regarding the sexual function issues I’m not that worried; my lig issue doesn’t really affect intercourse that much since when in the boring missionary position the weight of the penis is not really on the ligs anyway so my dick straightens out completely. I’m mostly concerned about aesthetics. And yeah, I know that girls can like a curve; I used to be worried about my upward curve until I read on this site about how lots of guys wanted one to hit the g-spot. Now I’m proud of it. Thanks alot man, good luck with your dick!


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