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Help a Newbie out

Help a Newbie out

Ok well I tried to start yesterday with the newbie routine I had warmed up fine and everything was ok until I tried doing Wet Jelqs but the problem was that I can’t do them without my penis getting fully erect, so I only did about 5 of them then I though it wasn’t worth doing since I couldn’t stop myself from getting hard every time I tried to Jelq. So I went on with my day (or night) and after a few minutes my penis stopped being hard so instead of going back to Jelqing I decided to do some stretching where I would get the part of the head and stretch it for around 15 seconds, I did 10 of those since I didn’t want to over do it for my first time this time I didn’t get hard. So after that I went ahead and did some Edging for 10-15 minutes stopping at the PONR but then after a while I ejaculated now since I’m a newbie I will try to perfect this at the point where I will only ejaculate every 2nd or 3rd day.

But my questions are,

Can I warm up and only do stretches instead of Jelqing?

And if I only do stretched will I see gains?

How long should I stretch for?

And if so then what I will do is warm up for 10 minutes then proceed to stretch then after I’m done I will go ahead and do Edging for 10 to 20 minutes for about 2 weeks then I will increase the time while I get better at it.

Hey Duce and welcome!
I am fairly new to this as well and I have had a similar problem with jelqing. As you begin to play with your dick it will be very sensitive and you will get erect right away, but don’t let that stop you! Between strokes in your jelq try kegeling, it can help manage the erection. With time you will get used to the sensation of playing with your tool especially if you keep up a edging routine. As for seeing gains with only stretching.. From what I read you will see gains, but this isnt from actual experience just yet.

Hope this helps


Thanks I will just start out with stretching and edging and then after about a week I guess I should be used to it so I will begin the jelqing routine thanks for your help.

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