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Hello from new member; starting today

Hello from new member; starting today

Greetings, guys!

Newly registered member, thought I’d say hello.

A couple years ago while ordering a Fleshlight I decided to try out the Andro Extender which they also sell on that web site. I have tried using it off and on at different times, to no avail. It was simply impossible to keep the damn thing in place; no matter what I tried, it slipped off within seconds. Plus, it just didn’t seem like it could work at the right angle to actually accomplish its purpose, and when I finally found a ridiculous way to keep it in place for a little while, I was immediately alarmed about the total cutoff of circulation. Suffice it to say, I can reaffirm the danger and inefficacy of the “noose” from firsthand experience.

In the meantime, I recently moved to a different state and was bored because all my stuff is in storage, thus I found myself surfing the net and by chance I discovered this forum. So, I signed up for an account this morning to say hi to everyone and also–because my Bib Starter arrived in the mail–to share with you that I’m starting my ‘real’ PE journey today. I’m starting with a BPEL & BPFSL of 6”, and EG of 5” around the base and 4-2/3” around the center. I don’t really care about girth, and I’m not dissatisfied with the 6” length if I was to just lead a normal life with it. However, I fancy starting a porn company in a year or two; I’m going to need to lose a bunch of weight for sure, and having extra inches can be nothing but beneficial although not a necessity. I’ve already lost 80lbs, with 60 more to go, and today I start working on the other side of the coin, too. Not really looking for any advice, just thought I’d introduce myself.

Best of luck to everyone!

A porn business eh? I’ve never heard that one before. Best of luck to you. Also if you’re planning to hang straight from the beginning, I would reconsider. Do the newbie routine found here first for at least three months for before hanging. Anyway good luck getting that porn star dick and shedding those last few pounds!

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

I agree with juiice. Start with the Newbie Routine. Stay with that for a couple of months, see where you get.

Be patient. Very few men get instant gains. Slow and steady wins this race.



Yes you should start with the newbie routine for a couple months just to condition your penis for hanging. Although there are some people who start hanging and have no problems at all. If you insist on starting off hanging then start at a low weight and gradually build your way up. I wouldn’t increase the weight often or start at a high weight. Good luck with your gains and maybe one day ill see you in a porno.

Start 10/17/12: BPEL: 5.9 NBPEL: 5.125 EG: 4.875

Current 12/17/12: BPEL: 7 NBPEL: 6.1 EG: 5

Goal: 8.5x6

Yeah, “everyone wants to be a pornstar”. So cliche, but you gotta have a goal, right? LOL. Some people want to be rich, but all I ever wanted is to be able to get laid a lot, and here I am in my 30s and it still just never happens. Gotta create a situation in life where it does. And my idea is to create a web site that combines porn with another popular hobby that I love, but who knows if it will ever happen.

The important thing is that I’ve finally conquered the mental health issues that were holding me back, and for the first time in my life I feel good about being who I am. I had always blamed low self-esteem on my grotesque physical image, but only now do I understand that my loathing for the person inside is what created and maintained the physical grotesqueness. Now that I have found my inner beauty, I am transforming my physical image to match, which both the extreme weight loss and the PE are enhancements for.

I won’t bore anyone with details of all the PE-related things I’ve tried or arguments about why I’ve chosen hanging, because there’s no need to convince anyone but myself. All I will say is that after much research and based on experience and instinct, hanging is just the right thing for me, personally, at this time.

I started yesterday with 3 sets at 2 lbs, experimenting with different settings on the Bib Starter. Out of the box, it was set on a toe-out which I tried and immediately felt good, and kept it for the first 2 sets. Tried switching it to toe-in and that was too uncomfortable to even attempt a set. Switched to parallel and that was less comfortable than the first setting but also I recognized that I could have just been sore after having already done 2 sets. Did the 3rd set with the parallel setting and actually ended up calling it off 2 mins early due to excessive fluid buildup. Felt like it was absolutely a productive first day foray, and it definitely created plenty of fatigue; I was sore for about 18 hours but just woke up feeling great, and I’m about to do my 2nd day sets and see how things go.

Have a great day, guys!

Glad to hear your first day went well just be careful and watch your PIs. Good luck with your PE!

Start 10/17/12: BPEL: 5.9 NBPEL: 5.125 EG: 4.875

Current 12/17/12: BPEL: 7 NBPEL: 6.1 EG: 5

Goal: 8.5x6

Just finished my 2nd day sets, all is good. Realized that I was backwards on remembering what toe-out/toe-in mean, but regardless, I did 3 sets today with no discomfort and only minimal fluid buildup (there is one spot that keeps bulging out and I’m experimenting with different wrap methods to counter it). On my 3rd set today, I got the hanger attached further back than normal and I could tell it was stretching skin this time instead of ligaments, but the skin needs to be stretched too so I went with it. Never really reached anything close to fatigue today, and no soreness even right afterwards. I was of the opinion yesterday that the first day soreness was all skin irritation due to wrapping inexperience, and time has supported that theory.

Seem to have gotten good enough at wrapping that I was able to get a comfortable one going for an all-day anti-turtling wrap for post-workout. Due to excess body fat, my flaccid member has always been completely retracted out of sight, which actually is what I’ve always hated rather than the length of the erection. I just want it to visibly hang instead of disappearing, LOL. I know that losing the body fat will fix that, but PE gains will help even more. That’s all for today.

Started 2012/12/22: 6" BPEL, 6-1/4" BPFSL, 5" EG (base), 4-2/3" EG (median). Non-BP measurements meaningless due to obesity.

Checking in after ~1 week. No gains of any type, which frankly is exactly as expected for the first week. The weight and number of sets are too low to have any effect, and there has not even been a hint of soreness since the first day (which I still attribute to inexperience/experimentation at attaching the hanger, not the hanging itself). My estimate of my penis’s conditioning is that I’ll need to proceed to at least 3.5 lbs and at least 8 sets per day before I start seeing gains. But that’s okay, I’m patient; I’ll gradually ramp up according to plan. Due to mandatory holiday overtime at work, I’ve been catching anywhere from 1-3 sets either once or twice each day whenever I could, but starting today I’m bumping up slightly to a consistent 3 sets, twice a day. The plan is to add another set to each routine each week, but of course I leave room for flexibility in reaction to evolving experience. I’m not anticipating adding weight until I reach the full program of 6 sets, twice a day. I am being intentionally conservative with everything, and as a result I don’t expect to start seeing the first slight gains until 4-6 weeks in. Oh, and the idea of the all-day wrap has been abandoned for now.

Started 2012/12/22: 6" BPEL, 6-1/4" BPFSL, 5" EG (base), 4-2/3" EG (median). Non-BP measurements meaningless due to obesity.

Ugh. So, shortly after my last post, I was sick for about 6 days solid, and I wasn’t able to do anything during that time. Despite that, I was surprised to find that when I measured after 6 days of no PE at all, from just earlier practice I seemed to have gained 1/4” of BPFSL, and maybe, possibly, a fraction of an inch of BPEL, but that is very difficult to trust due to how difficult it is to measure with consistency against very thick body fat. I am finally well enough this morning to start exercising again, I’ve decided to focus primarily on weight loss for the next month or so. Now that my lungs are working again, I’m going to spend my days-off running on the treadmill all day long, and I’m going to lose that extra 65 lbs very quickly, because I’m a very determined person, LOL. So I’ll probably pick up the PE again in 3-4 weeks. It’s a high priority, but not as high as the weight loss, and it’ll just be easier to do the PE and measure it accurately when skinny as well. See y’all next month!

Started 2012/12/22: 6" BPEL, 6-1/4" BPFSL, 5" EG (base), 4-2/3" EG (median). Non-BP measurements meaningless due to obesity.

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