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Heating Your Unit

Heating Your Unit

I’ve been PEing for about 2 weeks now an I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to warm up and warm down your unit before and after PE exercises. Not only have I read everywhere that it helps improve growth and repair, it will also help remove discolouration and further improves gains from exercises.

There are many ways to heat your unit. Some people use all sorts of devices to get it ready for the grueling exercise ahead. For you guys out there, I recommend:

An athletic heat pad. They cost around £4-6 pounds. You can buy them anywhere. Not just from athletic/sport shops. You can microwave them for 2 minutes and ‘hey presto’ you’ve got a warm/hot pack for up to 2 hours. They’re simple brilliant because you can stuff them down your trousers (or kilts if your scotish .. Jokes ladz) while your typing Threads on thundersplace. 5 Mins of warming and your ready for your workout. I have tried using hot flannels, steam bottles, rice socks. Nothing compares. If your thinking of PEing, you will want to get one of these. ALSO, IMPORTANT, do not warm up without a warm down. It’s totally stupid. Waaste of time. Another good way or warming down your unit (after) is to have a shower. (My preferred choice after wet jelqing :P)

ALSO, a few general tips for PE:

1. When jelqing, to discourage the appearance of the ‘dougnut effect’, after every 10 or 20 jelqs just have a quick 3 second jack off to move the fluid evenly throughout the penis. I haven’t got the Dougnut E once yet :P. Maybe I’m lucky :S.

2. For wet jelqing I use Vaseline which can be impossible to remove without a shower, so warming down with a shower has 2 great advantages! (Warm + clean!)

Happy PEing

I was small once. I but one day, I’ll be big. Thats why were here, to improve ourselves. Thank you Thundersplace for helping so many people.

98.6 F is enough warmth for me, thanks anyway.

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