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Heating Method


Heating Method

I currently use the hot washcloth technique for heating, but it doesn’t work very well for me. It starts off too scalding hot and cools off too quickly, or sometimes the water just never gets hot enough. It also requires that I occupy the bathroom during my entire routine (extremely inconvinent…).

What other methods of heating do you guys use? I’ve heard of a few others, but it would be nice to hear what actually works from the guys who know from experience.

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I use a glass with hot water, but it also requires me to use the bathroom for the entire routine. I’m thinking of buying an infrared heating pad, though, they sound pretty good.

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I use a Thermotex wrist heating pad which emits Far infra red light rays that penetrate deep into the tissues without the burning sensation.

I was considering using some kind of gel pack that could be put in the microwave. I already have one that I put in the freezer to treat running injuries, and I believe it can be heated as well.

"Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Try a rice sock, it’s easy and works great.

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I have to go with Dong on the heating pad. I have mine on as I type this as a matter of fact.

I would also suggest a rice sock. I always used to do a warm cloth but right now I decided to give the rice sock and I can tell you it is a million times better and more practical.

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jb and dyablo,

I made a rice sock and it is amazing. I thought a million times better was an exaggeration, but i think that’s about right :) .

Thanks guys.


"Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

The best heating method is using a TDP lamp

Originally Posted by corpuscallosum
The best heating method is using a TDP lamp

Wow! Just looked that up and it seems like it’s perfect for PE! Too bad it’s so expensive.I really can’t see myself dropping $200+ for my new PE “hobby”.

Originally Posted by corpuscallosum
The best heating method is using a TDP lamp

It produces radiation, should I be a little afraid to focus this on my crotch?

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How long do you have to put the rice sock in the microwave and how long does the heat last?

The heat pad I got seems to work well, lasts for a good 20min. Just have to be careful how long you heat it for. Never tried the rice sock because I use the heat pad for PE and on the days when I’m hurting from lifting weights. That Unique Heat things looks interesting.

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I like using a rice sock or a glass of water.

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