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Comfortable Heating Method

Comfortable Heating Method

I’ve found a new (well, probably not but I’ve never seen it before) way to warm up as part of our PE. It doesn’t draw attention to you if you have other people in the house during your workout and it’s a lot less awkward than a cloth that needs to be reheated constantly.

1) Take a hot water bottle, and stick the kettle on.
2) Fill the bottle with about a cup full of cold water, then the rest with boiling water form the kettle.
3) Wrap the water bottle in a t-shirt or some other covering
4) Sit down with the whole thing clamped between your legs, it warms the whole area.
5) Just re-apply whenever you need to, they stay warm for a long time!

Don’t make your covering too thick, otherwise not enough heat gets through.


Currently not doing PE


Sounds good.

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Sounds good, but as you say its good for not drawing attention whilst people are in the house, How are you going to explain a hot water bottle on your dick?

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This is actually quite a good idea. I don’t have privacy issues, but I’m sitting with a cup (one of the cafeteria clear plastic kind) in my crotch held by the squeezing of the thighs. Meanwhile, I am on Thunder’s and typing about it. Quite the time saver. If my body is extra cold, I can start with pants on. And as the area heats up, I can just go with boxers on. I would rather do this for 10 minutes than try to hold my penis in a cup of warm water without spilling water for even 2 minutes.

Tested and approved!

Not bad.


Electric heating pad.

No muss, no fuss and no starting ‘Ooh, too hot’ and ending up ‘damn, too cold’ again.

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