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Has anyone tried fulcrum extending?

Has anyone tried fulcrum extending?

Just thought about the idea of placing a ball-point pen or something across the rods of an extender to mimic fulcrum hanging.

Anyone tried this, what are your views? It might only remain comfortable with a vacuum extender, not the noose type.

Autoextender sell (or used to) an extender with a fulcrum mods.

I do that occasionaly. It gives more stretch to the tunica but also gives much more uncomfortability to the wrapping/glans.

I use something bigger then a narrow pen. I wrap the fuclrum with cloth so it doesnt give too much friction.

You can make a fulcrum block for your extender with a piece of pvc or abs plastic pipe or a union. Pick the diameter you want and cut it in half (or whatever height you want) then notch it to fit on your extender rails. You can also make a side stretch adapter.

Why not just stick to manual stuff for now? It works.

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