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Fulcrum Stretch Warning

Fulcrum Stretch Warning

During these past off-months, I’ve been looking at a lot of my old PE journals, notes, routines, etc. It really helps to keep detailed records - to know what works for you and what doesn’t. I noticed something disturbing, and along with my comments, I came to the conclusion that fulcrum stretching can be a double-edged sword.

When I began PE, like many guys, I curved to the left. After months of “standard” PE, much of that curve was pleasantly corrected. But after a period of fulcrum stretching - which gave me some length gains - I read some of my old notes, and my curve came back and actually worsened :(

This bothered me of course, but I think I figured out why it happened. When you drape your unit over a rod and you’re hitting the sides (alternately), you have to be very careful to use the exact same spot for the fulcrum on both sides of your unit.

If you’re even a 1/4” inch off - as I must’ve been at times - you’re creating a different traction dynamic on each side of your unit. Over time, this can cause one side of your unit to grow longer than the other: i.e., a “curve.”

I don’t think there’s the same danger regarding the topside/underside fulcrum, but it can be significant regarding the left/right fulcrum. As long as you’re fully aware of this, fulcrum stretching can be a good thing. In fact, fulcrum stretching can help correct a curve that standard PE did not sufficient correct. For example, if you curve sharply to the left, try doing fulcrum side stretches only to your right (don’t even bother doing them to the left). Put the right side of your unit against the rod, then wrap it around and pull. This can help to lengthen the shorter left side, which is causing your unit to hook that way.

It’s also possible that exclusive stretching with the fulcrum on the topside of your unit may even promote that classic upward curve.

Thanks for the warning, Wad. I’ve recently started doing A-stretches, which are very similar to fulcrum stretches. They give me a terrific stretch, but I sometimes feel the different tissues shifting around over my wrist. I can see that it’s really important to make sure the left and right sides are precisely balanced, especially because the exercise is so effective.

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