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Is this hard flaccid

Is this hard flaccid

When I stand up being flaccid my penis retracts and doesn’t feel soft but a bit hard. However, if I lay down, or sit down or apply heat it becomes hung and soft again. It has been happening for a long time and I don’t recall if I had this prior to PE.

It doesn’t hurt in any sense and I can get rock hard erections without any problems.

1) Is this that “hard flaccid” thing or is this something normal? I’d really like to have that soft hung state permanently.

2) currently I use an infrared lamp during the workout and do 400 jelqs 2 days on 1 day off, 2 sets of 60 sec stretches in all directions and some Ulis after the jelqing. Am I doing something wrong?

Hard as in erect? Do you mean it gets erect/semi-erect from standing up, like is it flexible just like it was flaccid or just hard?

Only advice I could give would be to maybe see a urologist if you are worried you gave yourself a serious injury! Since you say you have no pain and can get good erections, maybe you should just ease off PE for a while? Be sure you aren’t putting too much pressure when you jelq, etc. Has your penis always did this, or only after starting your routine?

Dude, when the penis turtles up the tissues get compressed . Also when ou stand up your abdominal muscles get flexed, that’s why it’s a bit harder than when you’re fully relaxed, laying on your back .As long as it doesn’t get hard like when you get an erection it’s normal. As a grower I always experience that.. One of the main signs of hard flaccid is low EQ to the point of ED. If you don’t have that you’re probably fine, although the turtling sugests you might be suffering from a mild case of overtraining

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That’s what I thought but reading all those posts about the hard flaccid made me nervous hehe.

Thank you guys :)

Yes, I actually though I had “hard flaccid” as well when I began PE, because of searching the term and all. It’s a good thing you don’t have an actual injury, good luck with making gains!

Thanks for asking. I was wondering along similar lines.

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