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Hanging vs. Stretching for a newbie

Hanging vs. Stretching for a newbie

I think I will finally pull the trigger and start training my 5” cock for length and girth.

I am primarily concerned about length right now as I desperately need it.

My question to all if you is this, which technique is better for a new guy? Hanging or some form of stretching (I.e. ADS contraption)?

And please correct me if I am wrong but both of these techniques only increase length?

Well first off you want to start with the newbie routine. There is a point to doing that and its not to distinguish the senior members from the newbs. A lot of your gains will come from conditioning your penis for your advanced technique’s. I’m not saying you have or have not, just don’t want you to get injured just in case you have not. After your penis becomes a nice healthy gladiator that can take the rigorous training you might want to consider hanging only if you have the time. To answer your question both hanging and ads combined would be an ideal length workout. Study study study in the hanging forums and ask the real hangers about that. I would also consider maybe going for length first before you go for girth, and maybe when your satisfied with length you could consider clamping for girth. Just my opinion.

Also a lot of these guys will tell you to max out what you can with manual stretching before going to hanging.

Whats up Ymerej Esouhtaerg!

Well said Forwards,

Consider manual stretching first before hanging. Hanging is not as easy as manual stretching. There is a definite learning curve with hanging,where you have to master a few things like wrapping,skin pitch,gland pressure,numbness, penile fatigue against skin burn etc.. So again as Forwards mentioned get accustom with your unit with manual stretching and reap the easy length gains on offer. Then maybe after gains have stalled or other causes you might want to consider hanging,but do lots of research.

An ADS can be used in addition with manual stretching to help keep the penis in a stretched state.Do keep an eye on Physiologic Indicators (PIs’) to prevent over training.

As for girth, jelqing is the way to start, before moving on to other advance exercise.

Hope this helps.

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