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Stretching and hanging

Stretching and hanging

I asked the same issue in the main forum but nobody answered. So I’m asking this issue here again.

I want to start a combined routine of stretching and hanging.
What should I do first, hanging and then stretching or stretching and then hanging?

Stretch first, it’s like a warm-up to hanging.

Current: 5.5" NBPEL (6" BP) x 5" EG

Goal: 6.5" NBPEL x 5.5" EG


Lucky is right about warming up to hanging, if you haven’t done any hang before start out with a light weight. I think 5 to 7 lbs would be fine to start with. It takes time to work up to heavy weights. Patients and time is the key.

Starting Stats 7/15/05 -- Flaccid L 3.375"x Flaccid G 2.125", BPEL 5.250" x EG 3.750"

Stats as of 11/17/07-- Flaccid L 6.000"x Flaccid G 5.6875", BPEL 8.000" x EG 6.125"

Long Term Goal: BPEL 9.000"x EG 6.500" Dusty


I thought that you shouldn’t do stretching before hanging because it can happen that you have more blood in your glans after stretching. When hanging then, you have too much blood in the glans so you get discolouration.

I’ve hung a lot with blood in my head and it’s generally fine, but everyone’s different.

The standard advice is to squeeze the blood from your head with your hand before wrapping.

Hanging with blood in your head isn’t the end of the world.

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