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Hanging vs. Manual stretching


Hanging vs. Manual stretching

I would like to ask the guys with experience in manual stretching and hanging:

Do you think that hanging and stretching can replace each other, or that each one has different effects??

So guys, what you think??

Originally Posted by pegain
I would like to ask the guys with experience in manual stretching and hanging:

Do you think that hanging and stretching can replace each other, or that each one has different effects??

So guys, what you think??

I believe that it all depends on the person. My suggestion to you would be to try the hanging if you have reached a plateau with your stretching/PE (and have conditioned yourself long enough).

I tried hanging but didn’t gain as much as from manual stretching.

One major strike against hanging is the safety factor. Most of the time you are okay, but if someone were to doze off a little while having the hanger on (not good).

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I do believe they are different kind of stimuli.

Can hanging and manual stretching be combined in one routine, or this is going to be way too hard on the penis

There is no reason why it couldn’t be combined if you are conditioned enough

They can be combined, but it’s very difficult to find the right blend, in my opinion.

I often replace hanging sessions with manuals. And, I combine the two within a daily routine. I believe that when I experience fatigue from hanging. I am deforming the tissues. Then I perform piss pulls throughout the day in order to convince my body that the added length achieved with hanging is needed, and maintained. I think of the manuals as being therapeutic and necessary in order to lengthen instead of simply strengthening the tissues.

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Now (5.625 nbpel, x 5.25 mseg)

Maintaining the results from hanging by light stretching??? Sounds logical Dick Builder.

And I think this method worked for you, as I can see from your progress. Nice gain by the way, Dick Builder.

In the last 5 months I have gained 3/4inch in length 6.7BPEL-7.6BPEL,and 1/4 in girth 5.7EG-6.0EG, by using a combination of methods.

I was referred to this site for advice after purchasing an extender on E-bay. My initial routine was to use the extender for 3 to 4 hours and then do 15-20 minutes of stretching/jelqing. Aka newbie routine. I have recently started light weight hanging as well, initially using a vac-hanger, and I just received a BIB starter.

Although a lot of people talk about just using the newbie routine until you exhaust your initial gains, I’m somewhat in disagreement. I think jelqing and stretching IMMEDIATELY after you have fatigued your ligs with hanging or extender use is whats responsible for my impressive gains.

I agree with the concensus that eventually your ligaments/tunica will tighten up and make further gains harder, so why not make the most of your newbie period(after your cock is conditioned of course) and combine light hanging or extender use to maximize your initial gains

I have a B.S. In Biology and have been a practicing physician for the last 15 years. From a science point of view it makes sense. Use whatever you can to maximize your newbie gains.

I think it’s quite amusing that EBay sell things like that, yes I did look & they sell quite a range of penis enlargement paraphernalia considering they consider themselves to be so PC!

I’m finding it difficult to gain length whatever I do, jelqing, manual stretching, vacuum tube, it just feels like a dead stop even with 10lb’s on for 20min sessions with an infra-red lamp, there feels like no ‘stretch’ at all, I’ve gained 1/4” tops! Girth-wise, I’ve gained at least 3/4”, but I want LENGTH!

But it’s the old saying, “you always want what you can’t have”. Some gain well, others very little. Well at least it’s pretty thick now, & the girlfriend notices the difference. Maybe I’ll have to get a shorter girlfriend!


Can you make any comparison between the BIB and the vac yet?

I`m sitting on the fence at the moment not sure which to choose.


In response to your question. I have used a vac hanger and the bib starter and the bib starter is definitely better for larger weight. I can not hang over 7.5 lbs with my vac hanger without getting blisters.

I bought the BIB exactly for that reason. I get fluid build up with the vac hanger. I havent really used the BIB much yet (still getting used to it and learning how to wrap), so can’t quite comment, but I’ll keep you posted

I think manuals can be effective, especially if you’re hanging in a lower weight range (1-5lbs). It’s when you’re hangng 25 and 30 lbs are barely inducing fatigue that they should probably only be used for maintenance. You’ll feel the difference when you’re in that weight range on the hanger and you go to stretch manually.

Hanging (and/or vacuhanging) and stretching are both only methods of pulling the penis away from the body, right?

Like toobsnake said, why not maximize potential when the light type of force manual stretches are providing is causing fatigue and making gains?

V and A stretches are the only manuals I can really utilize effectively in my routine. And wantsmore stretching. I do these when there’s no chance of getting in a hanging set.

If you’re doing both, I’d recommend only stretching at your primary angle.. BTC SO OTS, whatever it may be. Use your hand like you were using the hanger, and vice versa.


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I tried hanging for about 2 months and decided I liked manual stretch better. Hanging takes too much time and the static weight and angle does not provide as good a stretch for me as varied weight and many angles. I actually enjoy hanging very much, but I do not have the time for it now - when / if i ever go back to the USA i will buy a BIB hangar, which should make my hanging life a little easier.

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