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Half inch girth in 9 months.Heres my routine.Opinions wanted

Half inch girth in 9 months.Heres my routine.Opinions wanted

Little about my self.I’ve coming here since 2007.I don’t post often though I enjoy the stories and help I get and thought I would share what I’ve been doing for girth.

First off I’ve done the newbie routine,advanced exersices,stretches, clamping.This I feel is very advanced and should be done with caution.I have not been able to get any gains from other routines besides this one. It’s essenatly a clamped horse 440 bends.I have searched to see if this was already posted and I could not find it but I’m assumung it is so I’m sorry for rehashing previous info.

1.Warm up good till you are comfortable.

2.Grab your penis by the base and kegel in blood.Repeat untill you get maximum expansion and your penis will no longer expand any more.I prefer and manual grip with my hand.I feel I get the max expansion from this.It takes time to condition your hand to grip for long periods of time but I found that I get better results then clamping but clamping is fine.

3.When your are at maximum expansion,Then I do a horse squeeze.I’m not sure If horses are ment to be done origonaly at max expansion but I found at this stage I can get much more pressure.

4,Then when I’m horsed at max expansion I do some light bending in all directions.I get many red spots and can only do this every 2 days or once every other day.I have taken it to far and hurt my self so be careful.I’ve also noticed I never had to increase the intensity and duration of this routine. Opinions are welcomed.

Interesting. I look forward to hearing some input too, as I’ve had a lot of trouble gaining girth.

How long did it take you to gain your first quarter inch?

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