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Argh I just want half an inch

Argh I just want half an inch

Is that too much to ask?! Lol

I have been PE’ing casually a few months already. Some jelqing and some stretching (newbie routine). But I haven’t really noticed any real gains (at least I think so). It looks bigger, and feels bigger.. But nothing really measurable.

Right now I am 7” BPEL and 5.5” EG.

My goals aren’t that extraordinary I think. I want 0.5” gain on length ( 1” tops). And same for girth if possible.

Should I just stick to the Newbie Routine? Maybe step it up a little.

I am also wondering if I am doing the exercises right. I still haven’t figured out how hard I have to stretch or squeeze.
Also I noticed some minor discoloration.. Nothing bad, but I want to prevent that from happening again.

Start (April 07): BPEL= 6.3" EG= 4.7"

Now (October 08): BPEL= 7" EG= 5.0"

Goal : BPEL= 7.5" EG= 6"

Hmm weird I see my signature from earlier. Said I was BPEL= 6.30” EG= 4.72” before I started.

So I guess I did make progress :) I hope I measured correctly

Start (April 07): BPEL= 6.3" EG= 4.7"

Now (October 08): BPEL= 7" EG= 5.0"

Goal : BPEL= 7.5" EG= 6"

From your signature it does look like you have made gains. If you have been off for awhile / going light, maybe start the newbie routine back up and increase the jelqs down the line.

I like to feel a good pull / stretch, something that makes me feel like there is something going on. It is hard to explain, but it is sort of a feeling that clicks that says you hot the spot. Try relaxing first, I have found I get a much better stretch the more relaxed I am.

For jelqing I like to do a kegel to push more blood in and push it up the shaft. If you are getting blood pushed up and see an expansion / swelling you should be doing it right.

Just make sure you are not doing anything that hurts, PE should not hurt. Good luck on your goals, you can reach them!

I think you have done damn good with both length and girth. I will be quite excited when I hit 5.5” girth.

So congrats on your gains so far! :jumpred:

As Pole Position says, if it hurts STOP DOING IT.

If you HAVE already gained that amount, your gains might be slowing down. Before you change it up though I would go a month or so with solid consistency of 4 or 5 days a week. Consistency will bring you the most fruitful gains, and at least solidify what you already have. Once you know it’s your body slowing down, and not the consistency of you PE, you can think about adding or changing exercises.

Jelq, ADS, repeat.

Final Goal: 8EL x 6.2


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