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Setting realistic goals, is half an inch possible

Setting realistic goals, is half an inch possible

Hi all guys,

I am about 6 1/2 by 5 1/3, I would like to add a little lenght and would be nice to add 1/2 inch to reach 7 and to balance the lenght vs thickness ratio.

Do you think stretches would do the job?

Is there a routine you could suggest?

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Hello Don, I sure hope your goal is realistic because your starting size is the same as mine! On a more serious note though, many many people have gained at least an 1/2 inch or more. The first routine that you should work on is the newbie routine which is posted at the top of this forum. Stick with it, and read as much as you can on here. Some people gain with the newbie routine and some don’t for a while but it’s best to follow it to the T at first, if nothing else it will condition your penis for the stronger PE techniques. Good luck.

When i saw the title of this thread I laughed. “Is 12 inches realistic?” Lol. Funny typo.

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I fixed your thread title.

1/2 inch is certainly reasonable, just do the newbie routine which is posted in this forum for now.


Originally Posted by The Cucumber King
When i saw the title of this thread I laughed. “Is 12 inches realistic?” Lol. Funny typo.

What’s so funny about 12 inches? That’s my goal. I’m hoping to hit it by next fall.

….hahaha! Sorry, I couldn’t even WRITE that with a straight face!

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Yeah, it was like 1/2 but the title row didn’t accept the / , when I saw it I thought “well, they’re going to send me police at home to take me to a psychiatric hospital”.
I corrected it right on time..
Well, I hope I can start work out the soonest, it’s a couple weeks I’m stressed, I’m eating just a little and loosing weight and I can’t have any durable erection, I hope it’s just a stress issue, I would have liked to ask about this issue somewhere here on the forum but even if I’m a member I can’t post in the health related forum.
Thanks all


Well once you hit about 20 posts I believe it is, then you can post anywhere. I have the same problem. There are a lot of problems in life that are caused or worsened by stress, I’m sure that that is what your problem is now.

I really hope so, I miss a lot to feel the morning hard-on..
Also, to exercise it I’ll need some thickness that now I can’t reach.
Thanks all.


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