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Had a really scary experience last night


Had a really scary experience last night

Just sharing this .. Really scary experience last night ;

I was really excited about seeing my gf after a few days. So we finally met, and I am really excited like I said..

We started having sex, and all of the sudden I feel something rip like a tearing of a piece of paper or something, I was so drunk I couldn’t feel any pain but all of the sudden, all this blood kept pouring out of my dick, it wasn’t oozing out, but literally squirting out so much that nearly it covered almost a pillow sized mark on my sheets. I wasn’t thinking logically because I was drunk and I couldn’t feel a thing, but all I could think about was this dick was growing smaller and smaller, and the blood kept gushing out more and more. I thought I had punctured my penis somewhere caused a hole in it. Blood was every where, ( inside my gf) on my face , body etc GF was calm though.
I got dressed quickly, , and told a cold shower , it’s been 20 minutes and the bleeding still hadn’t stopped, by this time my penis is completely deflated. My gf kept assuring me, it’s nothing, don’t worry not a big deal but I just got really panicked.. I had realy butterflies in my stomach,and I didn’t feel like waiting 8 hours to see if she’s right, but if I wait will I miss an opportunity to have something fixed if it’s damaged?

Like I said I was drinking and I was a little emotional I thought about how my life would be over if I never could have sex again. She kept teasing me like, she would have to find someone else now ( joking of course), there are other ways to have sex besides this way ( like she will get a dildo ) , she kept joking and it made me more panicked because ( like what kind of man are you if you can’t f**k your women) like I felt so powerless without the phallus. Like I could never fuck anything in this world again, how am I ever to offer a relationship with another women if I can’t f***k her, like it was just a really scary experience because you guy don’t realize how important a dick is, to your own masculinity and your enjoyment and purpose is life, without a dick. Like I felt so emotional ( and partly because of the GF teasing me on to no end) so I just felt like telling her all this.

Anyway , the only way to see a doctor on Friday at 2 o clock in the morning in my tiny town was to go to the emergency room at the hospital, and it was so embarrassing explaining everything to the nurses what happened and I had to wait like 2 hours before I could see the doctor. Finally when he comes in, he examines me for like 20 minutes and tells me that there is a the the connector tissue ( similar to that piece of skin under our tongues ) teared, and because this particular cut happened in a particular region where there was a lot of veins running through and that I was very excited at the time, this combined to created a the blood letting appearing to come from the penis , when in fact it was only from the skin. He also said that there should be new skin that will be grow over this tissue if I allow it to heal properly . Basically he said that if he doesn’t stop bleeding, he will have to make stitches within a few hours, or else he will have to do surgery to have the foreskin cut . I could have not panicked and not went to the doctor right away at the ER, but I just couldn’t handle the tension to know what happened like I had butterflies in my stomach and just was afraid I might lose the ability to have sex again for the rest of my life.

I think it was the combination of cock ring, her not being wet enough, and my super -excited state. I use this very mild plastic cock ring, because it helps me from ejaculating quickly and also helps erection quality. I don’t think it was ring but more of the tightness and friction was the reason. I think the lesson I learned from this is that, I will always use some form of KY jelly from now and avoid very tight cock rings . I am not able to have sex for 2 weeks because of this. My upper head region , where the tear occur ed, feels so sore that it even hurts when I have an erection.

Luckily, I was able to leave without the surgery, but what sucks about this is that I have to refrain from sex for 2 weeks plus that now I have make the gf comfortable with having sex again without her worried about blood everywhere. I keep trying to tell her that ( it was no big deal, and that everything is going to be fine in 2 weeks)

Anyway, any comments, or thoughts or questions appreciated. If this happened to anyone else , please share thanks .

Maybe she put a booby trap in her vag? That sounds like a very frightening night. I was expecting a punch line, like “ha ha Just kidding loosers!” But instead it’s actually true. At least you didn’t puncture your dick or worse. It’s good to know that you’ll be ok in 2 weeks. Just take it easy.

And I’m glad you learn to use a form of KY from your mistake. Ha ha that made me laugh. Not the bleeding part, the lesson learned part :)

And that’s kinda messed up what your GF said to you the whole night. I’d tell her that you had some hot nurse patching up your cock, and that you gotta go back in two weeks to test it out ;)

No I’m just kidding. She was probably drunk too so just let it go, depending on how close you guys are towards each other, go talk to here about the issue, just to put it behind you.

You were probably bleeding so much because alcohol thins out your blood. And if you were drunk enough to not feel any pain, I’m guessing you had enough alcohol to cause that much bleeding.

Like I said, kick back, try not to get woodies. :) post back when it’s all better!!

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Ahh mate,
If it happened to me I would run to the hospital to know what the hell happened,
Thank god it´s nothing serious and in 2 weeks you can tease your GF to death
I don´t think that that happens a lot so maybe you were the first one in the forum. Bad luck :)

Good recovery

Quit the damn alcohol drinking.

I’m going to have nightmares now. Seriously, that is a living nightmare. Girls are so used to blood she just thought it was funny watching you freak out. WHat she didn’t understand is that that shit just doesn’t happen to a guy! Glad you’re all right dude.

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oh my god!

My blood has gone cold just reading that.

Let us know if everything’s ok in 2 weeks time,definitely wishing you all the very best and a speedy recovery!

God Speed.

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The exact thing happened to me before. I was having sex and BAM felt a pinch with a sharp pain and I pulled my dick out to see. It was bleeding and I freaked out for about 20 seconds and my girlfriend at the time asked “what’s wrong?” I said its bleeding and don’t know why. We stopped the sex that day and wow was my thing sore. I couldn’t even piss without my unit stinging like hell! It healed by the next day or two. Probably wasn’t a big tear like yours.

It was exactly the same thing though. I’m uncut and where my foreskin meets my glans. there is kind of a webbing and a small bit of it was cut when I was thrusting. Kind of like what your doctor described like the bottom of out tongues having a small piece of connective tissue.


I was back in business about 3-4 days later. The day it happened I stayed in bed because moving around made it sting so bad. Second day was slight pain here and there. Nothing to worry about.

I really wish I hadn’t read this thread. Blood covering the size of a pillow?! I feel pain.

I feel ill now, but I am glad your ok. A guy I went to high school with mentioned that the exact same thing happened to him before, although he told everyone his girls pussy was so tight it ripped his dick lol.

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Ah, I don’t think I’m going to get a boner for like a week after reading this.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

“although he told everyone his girls pussy was so tight it ripped his dick lol.”

Hahahah thats hilarious. You can def see a highschool dude saying something like that.

So it seems like this is a common uncut problem. That shit is scary. Happy I’m cut.

Glad you are ok.

Scary enough to read it, let alone actually experience it.

Good luck and speedy recovery. Blood coming from the penis is bloody scary and the amount! I had what I think was a red blood spot on the outside of the penis burst while hanging. This was the first time I saw blood come from my penis and it was he most frightening experience ever. All sorts of emotions go through your head, have I broken my dick, will it ever work again. Pleased to say after about 4 days rest it was 100% again.

Get well soon.

Ripped the ol’ banjo string eh ? It would have scared the shite out of me for sure. I knew someone who had this happen to him too, I went white as a sheet when he told me about it.

Get well soon.

That is not good, man. I’m sorry.

Did your doctor say if it was ok to PE any time soon?

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