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"Broken" Ligaments? Advice & experience, please!

"Broken" Ligaments? Advice & experience, please!

I’ve done a search throughout the site and on the web to see if anyone’s had similar problems and haven’t found much.

I believe that my suspensory ligaments may have been naturally weak, but further weakened after months of PEing. I notice this most during sex. There’s a feeling of intense pressure around the base of my penis that may cause an internal bend or snapping of those ligaments at the base.

The first time I noticed this was when my ex and I got it on way too fast a few years ago, and I tried to cram it in her glory hole way before her body was ready. I was stupid and horny and as I was stuffing, I could feel a lot of pressure on the base of my penis and the feeling that I was bending my dick somewhere in the middle. I felt like I was pushing so hard that I was stuffing my dick back into my body.

My current girlfriend loves to surprise me in the middle of the night when I’m sleeping. Sex is great, but I’m really afraid that she’ll get careless one night, stuff it in her hole when it’s not nice and wet, and really cause some damage.

My questions are:
1) Has anyone here had a similar experience? If so, please share.
2) If not, any advice or ideas on what it could be?
3) I’m worried that if I continue to increase in length or girth, the ligaments will not be able to support the extra size/weight, which would cause even more physical pressure and tension during sex. Is this a valid concern?

I have no problems with erections or maintaining them, but I have noticed that my erections do not point up as high as before (not an uncommon issue among PE’ers, it seems) and that the ligaments are not as tight and rigid as before. I don’t have ED or any other issues, and I don’t believe that sex with my ex a few years ago caused any permanent damage.

All advice is very greatly appreciated!!!

You’re actually fortunate, rocko. The damage could have been much worse. You had a mild event of the so-called “broken” penis and probably just bruised the tunica which is now a little weaker in that area.

The most common way this happens is with the woman on top, but you could be on top and have it happen, too. You pull out, plunge back in and miss the target, hitting her pubic bone instead. Result, the erect shaft is so stressed that a bend is forced and the tunica ruptures. These “breaks” very often result in a severe curve but you escaped that.

My ex’s favorite position was on top. This was fine with me except that she also loved to arch waaaay back, forcing my cock against the roof of her vagina which was sometimes very painful to the dorsal base of my shaft. We agreed it wasn’t a good idea for her to arch so much.

Another common way for this to happen is guys waking up late then jamming morning wood into their clothing.

Here’s some good and informative reading for you which includes the perils of fucking on a desk:



Hey Avocet, thanks for the information. I ran across a similar diagnosis as I was surfing the web trying to figure out what was wrong with me - if anything. I am pretty lucking, ramming like I did could have caused a lot more damage. Instead of permanent broken dick, I probably just have permanent loose dick.

I’m afraid that if I continue to PE, the girth and length of my penis will increase beyond what the internal structure could support. I know this is not a problem for most guys, as shown by the success many have had with their impressive gains, but maybe my “inner penis” is not strong?

Haha, it’s a good topic for Dr. Phil - “Cultivate the Dick Within.”

You’ve only got a loose hinge there, rocko. It won’t get any looser if you don’t fuck a desk or something. :) You’ve made gains since you started PE with no erectile effect, except angle from the first sex injury. No reason for me to believe that further gains would challenge your support structure.



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