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Grower and shower pe wise

Grower and shower pe wise

Does being a grower or shower play any role in ones chances of pe success? If you are a shower, will you have better luck on average, or Will the showers have it? Does this have any impact on ones general chances?

I don’t know. Common sense would have it that growers have more potential for flaccid gains.

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From my own experience, and what I’ve read on PE forums, it seems that most of us become showers after PE’ing for some time. If anything, I think natural showers might have it easier in the beginning because they’re ligs are longer (more to stretch), but at the same time might not have much potential for stretch because they might be maxed out. What would be interesting is a poll on growers and showers and their respective LOTs. I hypothesize that most showers have a low LOT, and growers are higher.

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