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Never a grower-always a shower?


Never a grower-always a shower?

I use to be flaccid 3 3/4 L and become 6 1/4 L erect—-a 2 1/2 inch gain.
Now I’m flaccid 5 L and become 7 1/4 L—a 2 1/4 gain. I’m a 1/4 inch less grower than before and therefore must be classified even more of a shower than ever. I’m drifting further from grower and more estabished as shower.Does this change for guys or does one always remain in their category(shower or grower) forever.

(I’ve had a 3/8 inch gain flaccid in the last 2 months that I think must be a result of fowfers I’m doing regularly now.)

Has this been true for you guys also, or have some showers also became growers?
Have any growers become showers?

*picks up ruler, measures* 4.5 inches

*looks at pad showing numbers from starting* 3.5 inches

I’ve went from 5.5 inches when I started erect to the 6.5 inches erect i’m up to now. So I still grow 2 inches on the dot for now.

started 10/22/2003: BPEL: 5.5" EG: 4.0" 4/12/2004 BPEL: 6.875" EG: 5.2" 30-min exercise workout and pills

Becoming a shower was the main goal of my PE. Its still a close second behind being able to touch the CDS.

Out of curiousity because I have a 5 inch hang, I checked Thunder’s database and guys with a 5 inch hang average becoming 7 1/8 (2 1/8 increase),which is very close to my increase.

Then I thought about the old saying that guys with a shorter hang make up the ground to become just as long when erect. Once again out of curiousity I decided to look into that—- I checked guys that hang 3 inches, and they average becoming 5 7/8 (2 7/8 increase).

That is a 3/4 inch catchup with 3 inch hang ending up at 5 7/8 erect, and 5 inch hang ending up at 7 1/8 erect.

I’m definitely a grower, though I’d prefer to “show” more. While exercise can improve flaccid, I still believe that a great deal of it is genetically determined - the same with erect length:girth ratios. If you’re long & thin to begin with, you’ll still keep roughly the same ratios - even with impressive gains. Conversely, if you short & stout, you can also increase length, but girth will move along also (this is the case with me, beginning PE at 6.12 x 5.2). I wanted length, length, length - but that was a struggle. I had my EG up to about 6 1/3” when I cut out jelqs and went to mostly stretching. I’m still over 6” EG, but I finally hit 7.6” BPEL - after focusing about 99% of PE time on stretching. When I finally get that last inch of BPEL, I’m sure I won’t be able to avoid adding more girth - it’s just the “structure” of my unit (and I’ll still probably be mostly a grower!).

The same with the glans. Some guys just have a huge mushroom cap, while others are more angled, or blunt. I don’t believe you can do a whole lot to change your head shape/size. I know that mine has remained roughly constant, while the shaft has borne all the growth.

Shower?what’s meaning?

The difference between my smallest flaccid and my biggest erect is aproximately a factor of three.
However, my flaccid is usually within some range, so at one moment I could be a shower, at another, a grower.

It’s a strange world we live in…


Those are remarkable gains!!

I gained three inches flaccid so I’ve definitely become a shower. I hang between 7” and 8” now, so it seems the difference between the two: erect vs. flaccid grew smaller and smaller as I continued to PE—same with girth.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Originally Posted by fatman
Shower?what’s meaning?

A shower is somebody whose flaccid size is relatively close to his erect size. A grower is somebody whose flaccid size is small compared to his erect size.

I guess I am a shower then as I only grow between 1 1/8” to 1 5/8” from flaccid to erect NBP.

I have seen and taken part in the surveys on this site for pre PE erect length and girth.
Are there any surveys for pre PE flaccid length and girth?

If so can you post a link please.

From PE my flaccid gain (1.25’) was more than my erect gain (1’”) nearly 6 months ago. Overall flaccid is hard to judge of course. Unfortunately I’ve not had much gain from then with about an 1/8” more in erect and perhaps an 1/8” more in flaccid. Not surprising considering I’ve been consistent very little for many months now. I’ve yet to move into hanging, holding out on that as long as I can. Late last year when I made the 3/8” flaccid jump I was doing fowfers fairly regular for a while (I don’t recall how much time put in each week), but also was doing jelqing and I believe I may have started doing manual stretching by then also—-so I can’t really be sure if flaccid gain late last year was all fowfer or not.

When starting this thread I was thinking back then that perhaps my flaccid length might eventually almost catch up with my erect or at least continue to gain ground. At this time that looks like not the case. As a side note I’ve now become even less convinced that the grower theory is correct.

I wanna be a shower!

Let’s go through the numbers again:

Before: 3.75 flaccid to 6.25 erect. A 67% difference

Now: 5 flaccid to 7.25 erect. A 45% difference.

By my reckoning the % difference between flaccid and erect lengths for a shower is small. The bigger the difference the more one is a grower.

Conclusion: You are much more a shower now than before.

When i am flacid i am 4.75 inches and erect im about 6.75. But my flacid isnt bone pressed and the erect is. So if i add on the fat pad to my flaccid. I only gain about .75-1 inch by getting erect :( .

I measure bp flaccid. I think for some reason many guys measure flaccid non bp. I want as long a measurement as I can get without cheating :D .

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