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Relationship between warmup and being a grower?

Relationship between warmup and being a grower?

from the various posts, someone asked if a warm-up was needed, and someone else asked if hanging made you a shower vs a grower.

responses were that some did warm their penis before the workout and some hung with a cold penis. Some said they became showers, and others didn’t.

is it possible that with a warm-up you stay a grower if that’s what you were, while a hanging cold results in a shower if you were a grower.

throughout my PEing of years gone by, i’ve always did my workouts cold, and there is no question that i’m a shower now.

other’s reply would help out those that want to show/grow
depending on whether there is a correlation.

hi bbc,

Being a shower or a grower has to do with the properties of your individual ligs, and how your workout affects them. If you work with low weights for a long period of time (ADS), you are affecting the elastic fibers, which will lead to flaccid gains. But with heavy weights you’re affecting (mostly) plastic fibers, which leads to erect gains and often flaccid gains with it.

How heat in a workout permanantly effects flaccid size, I dont really know. Its true that heat can help ligs to stretch a great deal, so I would say if using heat makes you more likely to see erect (plastic) gain, and flaccid gains often come with it, then using heat would indeed increase flaccid size. If you catch my drift.

But its probably not the same for everyone


PrePE, I was definitely a grower, such as it was. From maybe one inch to just under six.

After PE, I think I am still a grower, but with a good bit to show also. My flaccid hang is now, 5-6 inches. But I obviously still have a lot of functioning elastin fibers within my shaft. I almost always warmed up before and during hanging.


Assuming you don’t cut off the circulation while doing PE, isn’t your body maintaining the internal temperature at 98F? Sure there is bound to be fluctuations in a small appendage like your penis, but what range of temperature are we going for in a warmup? Ie: do you think you are getting the ligaments to 120 degrees? and maintaining it?

Now skin would be a different matter.

98 more or less

just got done chopping the ice of the roof.

believe me, the penis can seriously vary in temperature. had to
use glasses of hot water as a “bath”. i was so cold that
the heating pad couldn’t get warm - no lie. and i was worried cause it was that fingertip cold (before frostbite).

but your right mostly. the ligs, i think, are near the surface,and therefore can be made warmer than the penis core. i agree,, i don’t see how pre-heating the erectile tissue will do much simply cause the skin will be burnin’ first.


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