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Grow Bigger Penises

Grow Bigger Penises

O.K., we all want bigger penises, I’ll take a real huge flopper about 10 inches long, I want to play with it! I am thinking the best way to get it is to grow it. But how? No one knows how to do this, right? So I want to open up a new avenue here, and search out and research this idea of growing a bigger penis. I will be exploring several avenues:

1. When people are born they grow.
(A) Why and how do they grow?
(B) Why do they stop growing?
(C) How can growth be restarted? (In the right places).
(D) How can regrowth be stopped? (No one wants a 20 foot cock, or do they!)

2. Some people do not stop growing with not good results.
(A) What causes this continuous growth?
(B) How can this kind of growth be started?
(C) How can it be stopped?

3. Then there are growths which grow on people.
(A) Can this from of growth be started?
(B) Can it be controlled?
(C) Can this from of growth be suitable for penis growth?

4. There are certain animals when they loose a limb grow them back.
(A) How do they grow them back?
(B) Can such growth be triggered to start in humans?
(C) Can this from of growth be use in penis development?
(D) If such growth could be triggered to take place would it not be good for regrowth for humans who have lost limbs?”

Well there you go, a start, got to start somewhere, pursue, pursue, pursue, that is the cry of the penis enlargement clan, and maybe if we pursue hard enough, then who knows, maybe, just maybe we will achieve our honorable goals! And if a way is found to grow back legs and arms and such, the nation will owe a great vote of thanks to those tireless heroes of our nation, those great men who wanted bigger DONGS!

I think you’re talking about gigantism in number 2. The reason why those people don’t stop growing is because of a messed up pituitary gland, which is located in the brain. A tumor on the gland itself is usually the culprit. The only treatment I know of is surgical removal of the tumor, which is dangerous itself.

I don’t know if the pituitary has any effect on penis size.
This makes me think of the movie Beddazled, when Brenden Frazer becomes a giant famous basketball player, with a small package. “What the hell! What the hell happened!” God, that’s funny.

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