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greetings from the new new guy!


greetings from the new new guy!


wanted to introduce myself - iwannabanana. 34 year old dude from east coast usa who is willing to take the plunge to make my manhood strong and happy like he’s supposed to be. :-)

i’ve had an issue with my unit for years now! ack! i’m a pretty straight up guy, 6’2” and lost weight from 270 lbs. down to about 200 lbs., and i have a good attitude - even when it comes to the fact that i’m not a sledgehammer in bed! my mr. happy is a little under average - which i guess you could just say is ‘small’. like 3” softie, 5-6” boner. not bad, but nothing great. :-)

i was out of shape most of my life - through my youth, chubby and lots of lovehandles, into my teens and twenties, smoking and overweight - and really didn’t think twice about the fact that it was affecting my dick in the long run. not being able to hold a good boner (during sex! yeesh!) around the age of 28 was a bit scary! it definitely affected me and the way i thought about myself - no longer felt ‘manly’ .. began losing faith, the evil self-esteem bugs were chewing away at what was left.

i’ve been lucky to have some great relationships and some bad ones of coruse - helped me learn more about the gal i would like to end up with. but always, i have wanted a bigger unit, a healthy heart, and the confidence that i dreamed about. a big gun would make me so happy in the long run - both for me and knowing that my gal would enjoy it just as much - i’m a really vocal and giving lover and i like a gal who can put into words what she likes! sex has always been ‘ok’ and i know how to do some good tongue twisters to make gal’s toes curl, but, i would really really love to have a nice strong healthy boner that’s a swinging size for some really great action! yeehaa!

anyway, my story is fairly typical - but what i seriously dig is the fact that there seems to be all kinds of guys running around on this board who have awesome stories to tell! it’s a cool anonymous place where we can share our fears and stuff - and damn, it’s a much more laid back and real than a doctor visit!

now i’ll shut up because i feel i’m getting annoying. :-)

any good starter links? i have the willpower.. i’m ready for a jump start.. it sounds like so many dudes are having great success! i can’t wait to start!

thanks and good luck to everyone!


Hi new guy. Don’t be alarmed that I am a female greeting you. It’s a long story. Right now I am just here to say hello back to the “new, new guy”. I hope you find what you are looking for while you are here and get the gains you desire. There are terrific people who can help you in many areas, even outside of PE. You’ve come to a great forum. I wish you much luck and success.

Now I can’t end this without doing my job. We’re a family here but we have a rather strict family. We have fun but like to stay as professional as possible. :) So if you get a chance, please work on your punctuation. It’s may seem like a lot to ask, but it really looks and reads better when the ‘shift key’ is used.

Again, good luck and welcome aboard.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

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Welcome to Thunder’s!

Here are some nice starting links:

Read this first - Forum Guidelines (Check out the styel and language section).

A must read - Most Important Newbie Threads

This will probably help after you read through the stuff above
Bib’s LOT Theory 101

Have nice day and happy gaining. ;)

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

Welcome to the board iwannabanana!

KOG gave some good links, but also, just read everything you possibly can. Learn as much as possible about every technique (hanging, jelqing, stretching, etc.) and figure out what fits best into your time schedule. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!


Greeting iwannabanana,

I hope you get the gains you want and don’t give up.

As for this…

“now i’ll shut up because i feel i’m getting annoying. :-)

Man, our dicks are sensitive subjects, and story threads

are always big. No one has to read them unless they want to.

Hey iwanna,

Welcome aboard!! I think you will find that the guys that post a decent introduction thread are usually well received. It let’s the members that have been here for awhile know what kind of person they are dealing with. So post away.

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Nice to see you here iwanna! You’ve come to the right place to do what you want to do…


KOG! Haha! Good lord man, I love your avatar!!!

As per request, of a certain lady who roams the boards *ahem*, I’ve gone and traded in my Happy Hacking Keyboard for a regular keyboard. *Pokes Anna in the ribs*

Thanks guys for the warm welcome. It’s nice to remain anonymous, and yet still know that you’re not alone.

My goal is to try for at least an inch by year’s end. I think if i stick around and keep reading, should be worth the work!

Here’s to 2004!


Welcome aboard bananna man!

An inch in length in a year is not entirely unreasonable. That’s a little more than I gained in my first year at PE. With a solid routine it could be done. Though only time will tell as some of us are more predisposed to gaining than others.

Good luck!

Welcome to the forum Iwannabanana!

Anna beat me to the punch today, but its been a long one for me. You will find several females roaming about the halls of Thunders, don’t let us ‘scare you off’ . We are all knowledgeable about what you are wanting to do here, so ask away.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

ok guys... here we go!!!

I’ve been cruising through the site like a madman. I *never* thought I would find such an awesome site like this in my life. Thank you Thunder for *such* a kick ass site. I really can’t wait to get started and I have picked April 1st as ‘the day’. I will begin a strict newbie regimen, and I will keep you guys updated.

Thanks so much for the great articles and tips. There is enough info on this site to start a PE encyclopedia. I honestly feel like middle-age is about to get a wake-up call! Hooray!

My goal, albeit slightly unrealistic, is to attain at least 1 inch of length and girth by this year’s end. That’s 12 months packed into 8! Yeesh! But, I have faith that I will be able to cure my Irish curse.. inch by inch…

Again, I haven’t made accurate measurements yet, but with this floppy tape measure, my flaccid is about 3 inches, erect is about 5-6 inches. Almost bone pressed for both. Depends on heat it seems, and ususally I’m in a good mood so it’s extra hard and happy.

I’m really really wondering just as much about a workout that would go along with this? Any younger dudes have a decent program? I am interested in losing my gut *forever* as well as building up my stamina the best I can. I am totally committed, seeing how I worked my ass off the past year to lose about 70 lbs. I may be 34 like I said, but I show no signs of slowing. :-) I will Jelq to the grave!!!

You guys all rock. Beer’s on me. (Can you tell I’m excited?)


Welcome to Thunder’s, iwannabanana! You sound like a good sort and you’ve got a great attitude. You’re bound to get the gains you’re looking for.

"I just said it was big, honey. I never said it was pretty. "

- Me, a year from now.

iwannabanana welcome and good luck. Ease into it and read a lot it will hopefully save you some injuries.

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.


Welcome to Thunder’s Place. You sound like you have a great attitude, and I’m sure you’ll do well. When you’re feeling down or bored, you’ll find a post that will lift your spirits. The men (and women) are real here, even when they bullshit. It’s a great site. You’re doing a lot of homework at the start and that is important. I read every site and thread I could find on the net before I started PE. Take your time and enjoy the comradery. Good luck with your goals.


a few more tips.. because today (april 1st) is the day...

Yes, I know how to use the ‘Search’ button, but I’m wondering a few final things before i crack the whip.

1) What is a proper stretch, and how long/strong should you hold it?

2) Can a hot shower be used in place of a hot wrap, or is that a no-no? Thinking about saving time, but also keeping potential injury in mind as well.

3) What is a good supplement that would go well with an unusual exercise like this? Mutli? Aminos? A combination?

4) What is the proper position to be in when Jelq’ing? And do you find that standing/sitting works better? Seeking a ‘what works for me’ type of answer.

5) Around what time do you start ‘hanging’? Again, ‘what works for me’.

Thank you all very much and I apologize for the annoying questions, but I enjoy reading your answers, thoughts, and ideas.

Bless your big throbbing weiners. :-)


4/1/2004, The day the banana begins to GROW!


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