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greetings from the new new guy!


Here’s a silly question, how do you *stop* being horny? Ha ha!!! Seriously, I don’t have a gal at the moment, and I feel like pleasuring myself every moment I can. A side effect of PE? I swear it is. I’m horny *all* the time now! I’ve tried thinking about baking cookies with grandma, etc.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the shower! Big weiner, here I come!!! :-)


p.s. I have a dick. I want a *cock*. Heh.

Trying to live my life, the only way I know how, day to day, the best I can. I have issues.

Surrendering Your Fear

The end of Spring’s April already draws near… only one thing in my mind that I fear…
I tug and I pull and hang it just right… I stretch my dick out with all of my might!

I stand up straight, I lie, or sit down… apply helpings of oil, and start punching the clown!
I yank for some minutes, and even for hours… the stretching, the pulling, the lava hot showers!

But time waits for no one, not even me… I think to myself before morning light pee…
Into the shower, no time I can waste… I make myself harder… dream of hotties I chased…

I stretch to the left, and crank to the right… my pecker’s not used to this crack o’ dawn fight…
I warm him up and caress him with love… with the hopes he’ll get bigger with some push and some shove…

I step out the shower and onto the mat… my wet feet still soapy, on the floor with a ‘splat’!
I gawk in the mirror, and avoid all the signs… a middle age dude - but hell, he looks fine…

‘Ok stubby friend, it’s just you and I’… I look down at his size and let out a sigh…
I take a deep breath, exhale, and look down… I will someday be king, and this is my crown…

‘I will find some young philly, and give her a treat… a hot screaming orgasm, from my oversized meat!’
‘Stop kidding yourself you dirty old man… give your fantasy a rest, and put your ‘head’ in your hand…’

The Tao of stretching, the Masters are few… those who resist the mighty urges to spew…
I stretch my rope out as if tied to a ship… and pull with great force ever tightening my grip…

The stretches are done, and now for the best… twenty minutes of squeezing - put my friend to the test!
One stroke for luck, two for the pain… it’s all or it’s nothing… oh what will i gain?

Centimeters? Inches? Maybe even a yard! This is me flaccid? What could I be hard! :-)
I try to stay focused and don’t get distracted… even with the thoughts of the days I’ve subtracted…

This fight will be long, but I will persist… why didn’t I bone all those hotties I’ve kissed!?
This hottie was younger, and that one was old… how could I dare show them the truth I withhold?

But no longer will I be the victim in mind… I’ve always been gentle, attractive, and kind…
But it’s time for a change! Rise above all these fears! The ones that kept me sulking in the shadows for years!

I will hold my head high, and shout over and loud… ‘This here’s my schlong and dammit I’m proud!’
‘I worked so hard, from beginning to now! My brothers, it’s bigger! Pay attention! Here’s how!’

With a point and a click, new memberships made… my new friends will get bigger… get naked… get laid!
My new friends they bring me hot women so tight… a way to say ‘Thank you, you’ve shown me the light!’

I laugh and I snort because I know it’s a dream… but, it doesn’t sound wrong… or so it would seem…
Somewhere out there is a man who’s a shell… consumed by his dick size, his personal hell…

‘I’m him…’ I sigh, and I think of years past… I’ve lived every day as if it were last…
‘But no more!’ I shout, with meatloaf in hand… ‘I will spread this good knowledge to men ‘cross the land!’

And the men will rejoice, and the woman will moan… and the suckers who dumped me will soon start to groan…
Because they will realize, that I’m the same guy… but gawk at the bulge that catches their eye!

I snap my eyes open, twenty minutes gone by? It’s just me and you pal, my little small fry…
But don’t worry little buddy, it’s just the start… who says a man’s stomach is the way to his heart? :-)

I’m done with my workout, and jump right back in… the shower water’s still hot, I look down with a grin…
I know that your size really doesn’t mean squat… then what the hell am I doing? Is this all for naught?

‘No such thing’ I whisper and I confide to myself… as I set the baby oil back onto shelf…
‘This is a war, almost all inside your head… you’ve done your whole workout, you’re tired… back to bed…’

I awake hours later, and see such a sight! A structure that blocks out the dawn’s creeping light!
It’s big and it’s tall! It looks like a tree! Oh my sweet Lord, I use it to pee!

Could this be happening? My dream has come true? It’s bigger than before, although slight purple and blue!
But LO and BEHOLD, the way it just stands! I can barely even hold it in both of my hands!

Oh joy, and calamity, all at one time! And to dream that this sausage is so surely mine!
I whip back the sheets, and I yank at my pants… my dong is humungous! Enlarged! It’s enhanced!

‘What spire is this rising up from my bed? It eclipses the sun - glows pink and dark red!’
‘The shaft of a statue! The head of a god! This monolith of flesh… for joy! It’s my rod!’

‘It’s true!’ I jump up, with my pecker aroused… ‘My weiner is giant from those pages I browsed!’
A smile ear to ear, as bright as the sun… today’s battle is over, but the war not yet won…

I climb under my blankets, for a much needed rest… I know I can do this! Thunder’s the best!
Inches to add, it could be a year! But worse things can happen, I have nothing to fear…

I hope you enjoyed my little story. Now then, on with the show! Today is Thursday. I missed yesterday’s post because, well, I was out of town. As always, sticking tight to the newbie routine. Something is definitely going on. Longer, stronger, erections, I’m horny all the damn time (as if you didn’t know by now), and by eyes only, I know for a fact my dick is getting bigger. But, the proof is in the pudding. Today, I’m going out to get the tape measure, so I can start posting *real* results.

In other news, I’ve dropped 5 more pounds of *fat* (caliper tested, mother approved) and my muscle layer (especially in the abs) is *finally* poking through! My blood pressure is lower by almost 10 points, my cholesterol low, overall, everything is *improving*. DAMN I FEEL GOOD!

I’m sorry for the caps, I know it’s not necessary. But it’s hard to express yourself otherwise. I feel better now than I’ve felt in my entire life. Things are *definitely* looking good. Will post results ASAP.

Crack down on your routines guys! Stick to it and don’t be afraid to experiment (safely) a little early on! Good luck to *everyone*!!!

Horsehung for your wisdom, Anna for your love, Twat because you’re a funny bastard, Andrew for being a cool guy, Luv for sharing the spellbook, everyone else, geezus.. there’s too many of you…


Go go go gainers! Woohoo! This year is going to KICK ASS!


p.s. I want a MEAN, LEAN, 8+ incher at least 5” girth! YEAH! Measurements coming soon! Thank you everyone! Good night!

Trying to live my life, the only way I know how, day to day, the best I can. I have issues.

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You’re already a winner!!


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


You’re funnny mate!

What a brilliant poem!

Good luck with the gains!


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