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MB Vacuum Hanger Causing Swollen Red Glans


MB Vacuum Hanger Causing Swollen Red Glans

To give an overview of my routine, I have been hanging with Monkeybar’s vacuum hanger for over a month now. I usually hang between 2.5-5 lbs for about 45 minutes to 1 hour each day. After that I use an ADS setup almost identical to the one mogro uses which you can see here Modified Vacuum Hanging ADH

I take a short bathroom break from the ADS every couple of hours and eventually my glans is pretty swollen and I have to give it a few good pushes to get it to fit back into the cylinder. At the end of the day, after about 8+ hours of ADS, the shape of my glans is sort of oblong because it was stretched downward due to the vacuum. An area around the tip of my glans, about the size of a quarter, is very red and sensitive to the touch. When I wake up the next day the shape of my glans is back to normal but the redness is still there. If I go a few days without hanging or using an ADS the redness eventually fades. I am just wondering if this sort of thing is normal when using a vacuum hanger? Should I start using a larger cylinder so my glans is able to expand on more on the sides instead of just downward?

2 questions:

1. When you walk, are you limp?

2. When you sit, does it still stretch?

Lymph buildup is a factor of force versus time, different people seem to be differently sensitive.

Larger cross section will give a larger area to take the force. Use the constriction seal, and read up on wrapping and experiments (ModestoMan, Joesmith, ticktickticker).

regards, mgus

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Sounds like a normal reaction to me. You need to take more frequent breaks and probably use it for less total time per day.

I have had similar redness (sometimes nearly blue/purple bruising) from Monkeybar’s Vacuum hanger despite using the compression sleeves. As you state, the redness fades after a rest day or two. I don’t use an ADS for such long periods, usually only a couple hours a day, but I hang with much heavier weight (15lbs for 20-45min 2-4 times a day). The deformation seems somewhat common to vacuum PE be it pumping or vac-hanging due to lymphatic fluid build-up. I wouldn’t recommend using a vac head much larger than your glans or you will eventually be battling blisters from the fluid. The biggest concern is circulation. Is your penis cold or warm when it comes out of the ADS? If it’s not warm, you may be overdoing it a bit.

Just 2 cents from a lurker since 3/2006.

When coming out of the ADS my glans is usually warm, maybe a little cold on occasion but nothing drastic. I just wanted to make sure that this type of reaction was not out of the ordinary. I will probably decrease the tension of the ADS and take more breaks to keep an eye on things. Thanks for the suggestions everyone, I appreciate it.

I’ve had the same problem over the last couple of months, although mine seems to be a more advanced case.

I’ve started to peel, and I actually peeled the entire part of the dead skin off the red portion of the head. The only thing that stops the redness so far has been using the constriction sleeve, even though it is really uncomfortable and I can only keep it on for about an hour at a time. Or to just completely stop using the hanger, and stretch with my hands.

I’d also like some tips.

I noticed this morning that I have what looks like a small bit of peeling at the very tip of my glans next to the urethra opening. This is the first time I have encountered this so I am going to take a break until it heals. I believe this happened because I have been trying to progress too fast by hanging heavier weights for longer periods of time. My glans just wasn’t conditioned yet to take this kind of stress.

When I start hanging again I am going to go slow so my glans can adapt to the stress over time. There have been a couple of threads that mention wrapping the glans while using a vacuum hanger to hang or as an ADS. This is supposed to prevent excess swelling and blisters/peeling from occurring. I have experimented with wrapping using self sticking medical tape and it seems to work well. MrTips mentioned he used this kind of tape to wrap in another thread and this is who I got this idea from. I suggest you try this Makemelarge if the constriction sleeve is giving you problems.

Those of you using the constriction sleeve, don’t you find it leaves the very tip of your gland unsupported? If so, have you had blisters there?

Originally Posted by sabitu

Should I start using a larger cylinder so my glans is able to expand on more on the sides instead of just downward?

You don’t necessarily need a larger cylinder. I have become convinced of the importance of completely inserting the glans so that there is no room for air in the cylinder. If the glans is compressed right into the cylinder, it’s not going to expand in funny ways. It’s just going to fill the rounded shape of the Vacu-hanger. This, in my experience, prevents blistering and is more comfortable. I can’t be sure but I’m thinking it would prevent the kind of redness that you’re talking about.

Sabitu, when you wrap don’t you still have some areas of glans not supported completely? I have gotten my best results so far with the constriction sleeve combined with some cotton from cotton ball in the tip to take up some of the volume surrounding the tip and to prevent the sleeve from pinching, however, no matter what there is always at least a small part of glans that doesn’t get constricted and swells up badly. I am very scared I will get blister on urethral opening. When you remove hanger, do you not always have some part of glans very swollen up?

IMO this is part of vacuum hanging and vacuum usage in general. There is always going to be some type of swelling. The key is to take it slow and work you way up in time and weight. Doing too much at once will cause injury in any type of PE.

What brand of medical tape are you using? Can you show me a site or something?

I tried sliding an ACE bandage on under my hanger, but there’s just too little friction.. The hanger slides right off.

I am now no longer using tape. I’ve been using a finger from a rubber dish glove. They are hard as heck to get on but in the end it is the best thing I’ve used so far. The tape was getting too expensive to buy although it works.

The finger glove thing isn’t too tight or anything?

It seems like it would be.. As your dick is about 2-3 times thicker than your fingers.


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