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Girth-orientated newbie routine

Girth-orientated newbie routine

A few nights ago me and my girlfriend went to have sex for the 2nd time in one night. But once I inserted my penis in, my penis was barely touching the vaginal walls.


We’ve been having sex for probably about 3 months, but my realisation the other night was stronger than ever when I couldn’t feel her walls (it had never happened before).

Not only that, but my inability to last in bed seems to have somehow got WORSE since I started jelqing a week or more ago. I was literally going at it for about 2 or 3 minutes, when normally my poor form ranges between 5 and 10 minutes. Haha.

My current size is 5.25” erect and 4.5 around.

Anyway, she hasn’t complained or seemed annoyed at my lack of size and lasting ability, because we really like eachother. But I love her too much for the relationship to be affected negatively by dissatisfaction in the bedroom, so I must get girth. I’d never really thought about it before until this weekend, but this girth thing seems to be a pretty big issue for me. 4.5” is probably even a bit generous. There has been a couple of scares where the condom has slipped off. And now this. It’s the last straw. I really need to improve it. For me and for her.

So I was wondering, what newbie routine can you recommend that is more geared towards gaining girth rather than length? My length is on the wrong side of average I suppose, but I can manage with it and girth is more of a priority right now. If I gain some length along the way - then great! But I want more girth really bad.



Starting size: (April 1 2007) 5.95" BPEL x 4.65" EG. | Progress Thread (plus pics)

Now: (August 20 2007) 6.6" BPEL x 4.81" EG. Half way towards my goal! | Current Stats

Short term goal: (3-4 months) 6.8" BPEL, 5.0" EG.. Long term goal (1+ yr): 7.5" BPEL, 5.5" EG.


Continue with the newbie for at least 3 months before you venture into any other exercises. You really need to condition your penis. Take it easy and slow. Rome wasn’t’t built in a day and neither will your penis. I started in mid February with the newbie program and have all ready gained in my girth. Again, take it slow! If you aren’t’t doing Kegels then do them. They help a lot! You might want to practice Edging. Go luck and happy PE’n


Hello, Nick33!

You could try the modified newbie routine but with dry-jelqs at a slightly higher erection level instead, say, 70-80%. Go slow, pay close attention to your erection quality on your off days. There was a member here that did this and gained about half an inch in girth in his first period with the routine. I am sure it is somewhere in the thread. You can find the thread by clicking the link in my signature.

Welcome Max_size…and good advice, right on all counts. Nice that your first post was to be helpful, good sign.

Anyway Nick33, there have been guys with far less than you that have been awesome lovers. How about lesbians? How big are their dicks? So…don’t worry about it, the worry itself will mess you up more than anything else.

Use your fingers, your mouth, your imagination and most important of all, learn to enjoy giving her pleasure and have fun. If you make her cum a dozen times BEFORE you even insert into her, do you really think she is going to worry about how big you are? Of course not.

The other thing is to search on edging and or get a fleshlight and practice lasting longer. Max is right, you really can’t rush PE, to TRY to is a mistake all by itself. Take it as a hobby and slow but sure work at it, and with time you will get results.

In the mean time, work at having fun at making your gal cum like crazy, and relax..sounds like she really likes you.

Nick33 we are in the same boat. I have the same measurements, I can’t wait for 3 months to past so I can move to a more advance routine.,today is my 3 time in PE. We should keep in touch let me know what works for are size and to last longer. I also don’t last that long in bed. That’s why I spent hours reading. How much do you weight. I weight 210 and I am 5’6”. I read that if I loose weight my penis will look bigger and become bigger plus I would be in better shape in bed. They also tolled me to do kegels. This will help me last longer. Lets get to work nick33.,

p3lon, the newbie routine is a very good routine that most likely will give you some gains. Try to make the best of it, don’t see it as an obstacle because it’s not.

I still get better results from the ‘Newbie’ routine than anything else. Just because it’s called the Newbie routine people seem to think it’s somehow inferior to more advanced techniques. Stretching and jelqing are to PE what squats and bench presses are to weight training. The majority of guys get good gains from the Newbie routine, as long as they warm up properly.

P3lon, that’s cool. I’m glad somebody is in my shoes also. We should tell of our progress every 2 weeks or something. Oh and my height and weight is 6 foot and 175 lbs. Also I’m 19.

Babbis, I will check out your thread.

Sparkyx, that’s a good point. Me and my girlfriend are pretty black and white when it comes to the bedroom. Meaning we normally just do what we do and that’s it. We have sex before we go to sleep, every time. We’ve never really gone “hey, let’s have sex” during the day or anything. Also what I mean by this is we have sex, the traditional and mundane way. Penis in the vagina, in and out. Nothing more. We sometimes try new positions, but beyond that we are fairly new to it all, and are by no means experts. I have gone down on her many times before and given her a few orgasms from it, but rarely do I mix this AND sex. Maybe I should do this more. Also, I never use my fingers, mainly because I don’t want to make her uncomfortable (I seem to have this thing in my head where the girl hates to seem like a slut in the bed with fingers in her. It seems so 14 yrs old to me haha)

Anyway I’ll being more experimental before and after sex. Thanks for the solid words sparkyx.

I might try some kegelling. But I’m pretty sure not lasting long enough is more of a mental thing than a muscles thing. She is too hot for me!! Lol.

Another reason why my penis didn’t touch the walls, is because I think she has a big vagina. She was a virgin before me, so technically it shouldn’t be any wider than my penis. But she is a tall girl (5’10”, or maybe even 5’11”), so therefore, proportions-wise, she probably has a bigger vagina than most.

Anyway thanks guys.

Starting size: (April 1 2007) 5.95" BPEL x 4.65" EG. | Progress Thread (plus pics)

Now: (August 20 2007) 6.6" BPEL x 4.81" EG. Half way towards my goal! | Current Stats

Short term goal: (3-4 months) 6.8" BPEL, 5.0" EG.. Long term goal (1+ yr): 7.5" BPEL, 5.5" EG.

Definitely stick to the newbie routine for 3 months. I tried to advance too quickly and do Horse 440’s and got some really nasty discoloration on the bottom of my penis that scared me. It went away after two days, but I consider that luck and chalk it up to me being in really good shape. I’m sticking solid to the newbie routine for 3 months, then MAYBE I’ll try some clamping because girth is whats driving me. Be consistent, don’t hurt yourself!

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