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Girth gains


Girth gains

Hi guys . Since the beginning of the year I seem to have made a good half inch gain in girth. My head now swells to a shade more than five and a half inches. I’m really going for it now and want an 8 x 6 cock.. I noticed when my girl was sucking me off that she had more difficulty getting her mouth round my cock. She enjoyed it though as she deep throated me for the first time. Very happy. Thanks guys.

Good for you! Thats an enormous gain in girth in a short time. Congrats.

:_pump: :donatecar

David, what’s the routine you used to get these gains. Congatulations.

yes! please share the routine, eager to gain girth, because in my opinion, is the most important factor in the bedroom

Obviously everyone’s interested in hearing your routine. :)

Start • 5.94''x4.92''

Now • 6.50''x4.96''

Goal • 7.00''x5.75''

yeees! with half an inch on girth I´ll be more than happy :)

Hi guys. All I have done is to follow the advice of experienced members and not rushed things . I do my own version of the newbie routine with the emphasis on jelqing. I do my routine in the bath. I do two hundred to three hundred slow

Jelqs . Plenty of kegels and some edging. I do this maybe four or five times a week. I am just getting into stretching as I have neglected this area. However I’m just about 8 inches e b p , so I’ve made length gains too . Hopefully I can continue to make more gains in length now I am stretching.. My girl does not know I PE , but has commented that I feel bigger inside her . It was great when I filled her mouth up too. She loved sucking it. My cock has always been on the skinny side. I want to work towards 6 ” girth and my ultimate would be to push on towards 9 in length. . It will take as long as it takes. Thanks fellas . Will update my stats and try and get some pic s on too. Cheers .

Again congrats and thanks for sharing your routine. I had a phase where I was really into jelqing and made some girth gains in a short amount of time. Unfortunately I had to take a break and I didn’t get a chance to cement them. If you don’t mind me asking, how hard are you when you are jelqing? How tight is your grip? Thanks in advance. 8x6 non BP is a great goal, that’s where I’d like to be (5 3/4 girth would be enough to be honest.) Don’t push things too far though ;) It must be tempting at the rate your gaining though

Yes please share your grip and erection level. This would be beneficial to newbies such as myself. For the simple fact we are unsure about all of that.

Bone Pressed ERECT: 7.0 inches

Girth:5.0 inches at hardest(most erect)

Width 1 7/8 inches

Congrats on you gains!

-The Only Way to Lose is to Fail to Try-

01/02/2014 - NBPEL 16.5cm / BPEL 18.5cm / BPFSL 20.3cm / Girth12.5cm - 10 minute pump, 20 jelqs, 5 minute pump 20 jelqs ~2.5-3hg 1 on 2 off.

01/09/2014 - NBPEL 16.5cm / BPEL 19cm / BPFSL 20.5cm / Girth12.7cm / BPELIP 19.2cm

Jungle I just tried doing jelqs and reverse jelqs with a semi-erection (firm but not rock hard, pointing upwards no more than 10 degrees and soft enough to be able to squeeze). I gripped tight enough to feel to blood pressure in the top and bottom of my dick. Afterwards I noticed some discoloration that fades after a bit, but I also noticed an erect, not just flaccid, pump that was measurable in difference. This tells me I’m doing something right. In the past I’ve usually done jelqs with only a “fluff” not a semi-erection. If you get bored with jelqing, try do 25 upward jelqs and then 25 downwards and switch hands or whatever number suits you. Remember when doing downwards not to grip too high. I like to start with a tight grip, go at a slow/medium pace and then loosen the grip as I end the jelq (I think this might help with the “bat” effect but I might be wrong).

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Awesome. I will try it tonight. Thank you

Bone Pressed ERECT: 7.0 inches

Girth:5.0 inches at hardest(most erect)

Width 1 7/8 inches

Hello guys.In response to your queries When I’m jelqing I tend to mix it up a fair bit.. For example ill break them up into sets of 25. So 25 up then 25 at an angle pointing straight down. I build up to around 80 or even 90 per cent erection. No more. I have a strong grip , by which I mean the veins disappear before popping back up .I can feel the blood building up and visualise my cock getting bigger. I do 3 - 4 second jelqs. I sometimes kegel for ten jelqs at a time and do this every other ten. I also bend my cock a little as I jelq so in effect I am exercising various parts of my unit. I have not injured myself thus far. I listen to my body and always ensure a period of recovery inbetween sessions. In a nut shell , less can be more . Cheers fellas.

Damn, that is impressive. I would love to gain .5 in girth, although at my size right now that would just make me look even smaller. lol

As much as I really want more girth, I really want length right now.

Start: Dec 2009 - 5.75 [BPEL] x 5.25 [MSEG] 5.5 [BASE]

April 2010 - 6.00 [BPEL x 5.3 [MSEG] 5.5 [BASE]

Current Goal: - 7.00 NBPEL x 5.75 [MSEG & BASE]

Well I will stick with the routine. In terms size I’m up to 19 and bit cubic inches from 13 and a bit. So it’s definitely working.. Wonder If my girl will notice the difference. As we have not had sex for around 3 weeks and I’m sure I’ve really gained well in the last month and I can tell just by looking. . I’m easily bone pressing 8 inches and if I push hard more. I think I will hopefully make 9 inches in the next few months . Cheers guys .

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