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Girth gains exclusively

Girth gains exclusively

Greetings to all,

Any suggestions for routines that will increase girth but not increase length? My length is not exceptional at 7.25 BPEL, but my long-time girlfriend already would prefer it was a bit shorter. Also, my EG of 5.0 looks narrow in proportion to the length.

Jelqing obviously has a lot of great benefits (including improved erection quality, etc.) but I have been hesitant to do too much of it because I want to try to avoid any length gains (at least for now.)

Thanks in advance for your ideas,


Girth is generally harder to attain than length. It is possible to jelq with less of a ‘pulling/stretching’ action, and jelqing at higher erection levels will tend to target girth more than length. Clamping targets girth with no pulling involved, but can cause some length increase for some guys. Neither high erection level jelqing nor clamping are safe for an unconditioned penis.

I have no experience with pumping, so maybe an experienced pumper would like to chip in on this too.

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