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Girlfriend noticed girth gains

Girlfriend noticed girth gains

Hey well I have been PEing since the beginning of February, but I’ve probably only done it 10-15 times in those 2 months. So today the girlfriend says your cock looks thicker and I said are you sure, she said yeah, have you been taking those pills I’ve seen on TV. I said no but I’m not sure she believed me, I haven’t told her about PE, but she obviously knows my dick can’t grow on it’s own. So I measured it today it’s 6” girth used to be 5.75”. I’m trying to get more length gains though and jelqing doesn’t seem to do much for length. I do manual stretching, should I consider hanging?

Way to go dude! It is great to get comments from your gal. Mine has said the same thing. I haven’t told her my secret. She thinks it is because I have a lot of sex with her. She loves the new size!

Same here. Wifey has no idea what I am doing but she is luving the size.

I’m up 1/2” since Feb 1st! was 5.5” now 6” girth!


Hi VS,

I just noticed your post. You went from 5.5 to a 6, now your goal is a 7. How much girth can one gain? Isnt there a limit in terms of how much girth one can experience?


I don’t know but I should soon find out. I have been watching this porn that I bought and there is a guy on there that my wife says looks exactly like Jay Micheal Vincent. Anyway, he has one of the fatest dicks I have ever seen. I am doing jelqing, ULIs and Horse440s every other day. My girth is getting bigger and bigger. It has gotten to where I can no longer get my fingers around it when it is hard! Don’t be too impressed though because I have little hands. But Mrs V sure seems to like the added padding. I’m getting lots of groans and moans and wows and even a “Oh My” the other night! I am not going to stop ‘till I get the 7x7.


0.5 inches in 2 months in girth is a damn lot :)
I think Im going to try to do a bit like you do vs, jelqing when you go to the bathroom for like 50-100 fast jelq each time + normal PE routine and see how it goes.

As for your question, keep the stretching intense and you should normally gains length, but hanging is a good way to go. Most have gain considerable length by doing this.

I’d like to have your girth, guys!

Elan, what’s your routine? May you give more informations about your size and program?

-- Wiz How many "free willing" partners/year when not in long relationship?

After 4 months on, 5 months off, BPEL x EG: 7.3\'\' x 4.6\'\'

Starting Stats, April 2005, BPEL x EG: 7.0\'\' x 4.3\'\'

Originally Posted by chunkyaa34
0.5 inches in 2 months in girth is a damn lot :)

It is indeed nice!

Good luck


Originally Posted by w124rd5
I’d like to have your girth, guys!

Elan, what’s your routine? May you give more informations about your size and program?

Well on average I only end up doing PE twice a week for around 30-60 minutes depending on how I feel. I start with a rice sock then begin stretching for 5-10 minutes then jelq and do some minor edging for the rest of the time.

I’m 7 NBPEL x 6 EG

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