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Girth gains vs. time

Girth gains vs. time

Could anyone tell me how much time I have to spend following the avocet suggestions, to gain an inch in girth?.



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Unfortunately trying to predict someones progress is just impossible, because there are just too many factors influencing the process. Your best bet is to just stay focused and determined, while maintaining a moderate program that stimulates but doesn’t go overboard. Be prepared to make this a one year project with ongoing maintenance, which, if you are like a lot of us, is not a hassle, but fun to do.

OK, but in girth department, Jelqs and stretch are not too effective as pump is supposed to be. You can gain more easily length with those exercises, but in girth they don’t do much effect in a term of a month or two.
I was wondering if anyone using a pump, considering avocet routine, have had an important girth gain in short time.

For example, Peforeal passed from 4,8” approx. to 7,4” approx. in, lets say, 20 years (I don’t remember the exact number), which is a lot of time. I need to know others pumpers experience about time and intensity which took them to increase something in girth.

Greetings, and sorry for the poor English.


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like gprent101 said it varies person to person, you can not judge what your gains will be by others. If you are looking to gain 1 inch in girth as you said, be prepared to spend a long time at it (1-3 years)

You may get lucky and get 1/4 - 1/2 inch in a matter of months, but it seems girth is hardest for most to gain.

Look in “sizes data base” at the bottom of all pages. Scan through and see who seems to be gaining well in girth then click on their name to bring up the routine they are using.

Good luck

Make a poll similar to mine “how long it took to get an inch in length” go look at it under polls and do something similar - I’d be curious to see the outcome of that as well.

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