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Getting back into the game. Realistic 3 month goal?

Getting back into the game. Realistic 3 month goal?

Hey all so I’m getting back into the manual PE game after a layoff. I did it my frosh year of college til about mid way through my soph year and ended up having better EQ probably gained .25 girth and maybe 1/3-1/2in bone pressed length. (Went from about 5.75x4 bone pressed to about 6.5x4.25 bone pressed) now it was all manual meaning only stretching and wet jelqing

Well I have a new gf who says I’ve pleased her very much, unfortunately for me I sometimes find that hard to believe. Not being racist here at all but she had an african american boyfriend for 4 years who she lost her virginity to and 2 guys in between, then had sex with another african american male. Well the two guys in between were both white and that old saying got stuck in my head..

ALL THAT ASIDE I’M LOOKING TO GET BIGGER AND BETTER. I’m about 6.2x4.2 now after the layoff probably because I’ve lost some weight around that area.
She said she never orgasmed before me and I’ve made it happen a few times just from her being on top. She also squirted on me one night and said she had never done that before in her life which made me feel amazing. I find it hard to believe that someone of my “stature” made it happen, although only once it was an interesting position she was in.

Anyway, I’m wondering what you think I can gain in 3 months before I go back to school again, obviously I will be trying and continuing to do this manual at school but it may be hard to do this with roommates..
Do you think there is a possibilty I can get up to 6.5x4.5 by the end of the summer doing manual stretches and jelquing only?

Ill be varying my “workout” but will more than likely be doing it 4-5 days per week, 2-3 on 1 day off. It will look something like this.

5 minute warm up in warm water either shower or dip my penis into warm water and hold it.

2 sets of streches at a minute per stretch
Up and then out and down over a finger or a small dowel (only about 3x3 flaccid so I don’t have a lot to work with..

Followed by starting off with 75 good wet jelqs at about 50-60% erection (if I can maintain that) with edging in between every 25 jelqs
And end with 50 erect jelqs.

Obviously these numbers will go up weekly as I was up to about 200 jelq at my peak (3 seconds per) a few years back

Will end with 5 minute warm water bath or again dipping my penis in warm water.

How does the program look?

After a few weeks I will probably add Squeezes (or whatever the lingo is) where I get a full erection and then clamp onto the base for about 30sec-1min to hold as much blood in there as possible as I used to do those as well.

Thank you for listening and your insight guys I really appreciate it

Your length is fine for more on your girth. less stretching more, jelgs. 0.5 inches in girth and length is totally doable in a three month period, as long as no injury happens. Good luck. You have a nice routine.Stick with it. Not all black men are huge. Just sayin.

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