A month off, back at it and trying pumping

Hi guys, I am back at PE after about a month off. I did the newbie routine 2 days on 1 off for 2 months then had no time so I took about a month off. I am back into the newbie routine but want to try some clamping and pumping—both slowly and carefully. I just bought a pump with a gauge and 2x9 inch tube and it should be here next week. I am thinking of 10 minutes of pumping x3 every other day with my normal newbie stretching/jelqing routine at 2 on 1 off. I probably can’t start that way though as I am on the road a lot and don’t want to bring the pump. So, I will probably just pump on the weekends when I am home. Am I wasting my time and money and energy? I haven’t really seen much in the way of gains but with only a few months in I am certainly not expecting much and am not discouraged by that. Any tips are more than welcome!

On 6/15/12 NBPEL=6", BPEL=6.5" EG=4.75", BPFSL=6.75"

Current NBPEL=6 1/8" , BPEL=6 7/8" , EG=4 15/16", BPFSL=7"

Goal NBPEL=7", EG=5.5"