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I did the newbie routine for the first time a few days ago, and I didn’t have the time to do it since then, but last night my girlfriend noticed that I got bigger. I measured myself again and I’m 5.1 Inches.. I guess I measured myself wrong the first time? Because last time it said 3.75”

But, my girlfriend knows my cock like the back of her hand, and she thinks I grew + she doesn’t know about me doing this..

Are noticeable gains possible after the first time?

She also said I got bigger than her high school sweetheart.. He was an average medium built white guy and I’m a fat Asian.. That felt so good :D I’m never leaving this place

I would say keep doing it. It is probably improved erection quality.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Hey, who knows? If she noticed it, I’m sure there’s some difference. You already passed your goal! Going to quit? Haha, I doubt it! Good job, whatever it was.

Haha! That was my goal that I set to see if this stuff will actually work.

7.5 x 6 would be fucking awesome.. I have about 2 years to do it so I hope I can gain around one more inch a year.

Never leave!

Continue and soldier on and you will reach above 6”

Started: NBPEL 5.5 == EG: 5

Current: NBPEL 7.5 == EG: 6

Goal: NBPEL 8 == EG: 6

Do you think my goals are realistic for Dec 31 2008?

Originally Posted by whyguy
Do you think my goals are realistic for Dec 31 2008?

Yeah, if you gained in only one session.

Starting stats: Feb 08: [7.3 BPEL * 4.9? EG]----Now: [8.00 BPEL * 5.1-5.2 EG]------GOAL: [8 NBPEL * 6 EG]

Perception is reality.

The statistics of the penis DB say that only 5 guys have ever claimed to gain 3.5 inches. If you assume that your initial measurements were correct, that would put you in the top 99.7% of those gainers. From a percentage growth perspective, nobody in the database claims to have doubled their length. The most is 78% and 40% would still put you in the top 98%. If you assume that your measurements were off and maybe you really started at 4.5”, the numbers don’t change that much.

However, I do think it is highly likely that your first measurement was not maximal, but you also probably grew some in the first week and a half. I’d guess you were really closer to 4.5” or more. It is totally reasonable to say that you could grow as much as the top 75% percent of the people in the db. That is 17% relative, or 1 inch absolute measurement.

On average, girth is gained at about half the rate of length.

Some guys grow like crazy, though. You could be one of them. I filtered the data to look at guys with less than 4.75” starting measurement and the following names stick out as exceptionally inspirational:

Invisible 4.640 -> 5.820 + 1.180
WarmGun 4.720 -> 7.090 + 2.370
Langemann 3.940 -> 6.300 + 2.360

7 3/4" (+3/4") BPEL x 6 1/4" (+5/16") EG

Maybe the first time you measured NBPEL?

whyguy, may I ask how long you have been doing PE? Your join date is September 2008, so if you started this September, and already made large improvements, I must say good work.

August 2008: NBPEL 4"

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