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Gains stopped, EQ went down

Gains stopped, EQ went down

I’ve been doing the following PE-routine for the last 4 months and also from May to July 2009:

At least 10 mins good warm-up (bag full of grains for microwave)
2 sets of stretching forward, up, down, left right each for about 45sec to 1min
10 min jelquing (in the beginning I did 15, but I think that might have been too much) with something similar to EVO
Couple of Uli’s

I experimented a little with the duration of the exercises, the pressure applied etc. But I never did any other stuff.

Here are my stats:

Jan 2010

NBPEL 7,3” (18,5cm) - EG 5,2” (13,2cm)
BPEL 8,1” (20,5cm) BPFSL 8,9” (22,5cm)

June 7th 2009

NBPEL 7,4” (19cm) - EG 5,1” (13cm)
BPEL 8,1” (20,5cm) BPFSL 8,5” (21,5cm)

Starting stats May 3rd 2009:

NBPEL 7,3” (18,5cm) - EG 4,9” (12,5cm)
BPEL 7,5” (19cm) BPFSL 8,0” (20,5cm)

I the beginning I made some gains and I my EQ also improved significantly, but now things seem to be getting difficult..
While my BPFSL seems to be increasing (sometimes post-workout it can be 23cm), my EQ isn’t getting better, but worse - alas NBPEL and BPEL don’t really grow.
I often had trouble with getting too hard during the jelquing.. Now it’s hard too keep a 60% erection for 10 mins of jelquing.
Sex is still ok, but sometimes I wish it was a bit harder/ stayed hard longer without need for constant stimulation. Morning and night wood is decreased to absent.
At first I eased up a bit on my routine (less force both with stretching and jelquing, only 10 mins of jelquing instead of 15, less or no uli’s), which made things better, but then the EQ started to get worse again, in spite of the lighter routine.

So I thought of the early days when I used so much force that I got massive red spotting and my EQ went through the roof and there were gains.. Bad idea. Yesterday after my workout I got a lump on the right side on the shaft below my glans, probably a thrombosed vein.. I used my warming cushion and massaged it a bit/masturbated and then it went away again, after 1-2 hours or so. That really scared me.. It didn’t hurt or so, but the lump wasn’t exactly small.

So what do you guys reckon is the cause for my problem, and what to do?

PS: That the NBPEL didn’t grow as much as the BPEL is probably due to both more fat pad and inconsistent measurement.

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I’m not sure if your EQ is related to your workouts. Only you know how much pressure your using. Your BPFSL measurements indicate you could seriously benefit from girth work, as it is seriously getting ahead of your actual hard measurements. Even if perhaps you concentrate on some edging for awhile you may find everything, including your EQ catches up nicely.

Read this link: Focus Your PE and Gain! TGC Theory

I’m not saying everything is spot on, but I use the information in this thread quite often, and its proven helpful to me. I occasionally get lumps also, particularly when hanging. As long as they go away after your workout, I wouldn’t stress too much on that.

I'm consistent in spurts, but gains are undeniable!

2007: BPEL 5.5" / MSEG 4.7" / BG 5.5"

2017: BPEL 6.8" / MSEG 5.3" / BG 6"

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