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Gains in six months - what to expect?

Gains in six months - what to expect?

Why I’m doing PE, at the moment, is that we are having a baby and my wife is totally debilitated by the pregnancy. Sex is off the table for a long time.

Ever the optimist, I figure this would be a perfect time for me to do the PE that I’ve really always wanted to do. That way, once our sex life resumes my wife might get a nice surprise. :)

Our baby is due in six months. Any pointers on the type of gains I ought to expect in that time frame? Anything you wish someone told you when you went on your first “let’s actually do this”? I am using the Newbie routine and cannot realistically add anything very time-consuming to my routine since I’m the only income earner in our house (lots of work) and we have kids already who I need to take care of.

Thanks in advance. :)

I am comfortable predicting that you will get gains in that time frame if you do it right. Numbers I will refuse to commit to. (:

While some guys respond to an overkill method most break their dick going that way. It is much easier to step it up a wee bit if you are going too light than heal up from an injury. Kinda like giving your self a hair cut; you can always take off more. So “just” the newbie routine is the way to go. Later you can step it up and go with our super-secret, maximum gains for maximum guys PE routine.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

With physical fitness I am prone to over-training in the belief that it will benefit me, so I imagine I’d be vulnerable to the same sort of thing with PE. Really it’s sort of a good thing that I’m so busy and only have time to do the newbie routine, since otherwise I might try something too ambitious for a guy starting at my level.

With taking care of kids there is a lot of down time; I spend a lot of time just passively hanging around the house supervising my kids (like I am right now). If I were to actively try to do my PE routine during that time it wouldn’t work, since my kids are still very young and unpredictably need attention. Or they just bust in to wherever I am without knocking, and that’s a conversation I’m not quite ready to have. :)

But the reason I mention the idleness is that I’m wondering about doing something passive like hanging to help me gain better. Gotta admit, I’m a little scared by the prospect of hanging or applying traction for hours. First of all, when you hang is it still possible to walk around and perform basic domestic tasks? Down time for me still involves the constant possibility that I will need to break up a fight my kids are having, or go and tend to someone’s needs. Does hanging immobilize you? And if so, is there some other passive method that doesn’t and is easy to implement? Keep in mind my proclivities toward over-training in your reply; I don’t want to hang elephants from my dick just yet. :P

9/10/2014: 6.00 BPEL x 4.5 EG

10/2/2014 6.25 BPEL x 4.75 EG

Goal: 7.50 BPEL x 6 EG by 5/2015- Can he make it?

Newbie routine is all you need. If you want to sit around with some form of lengthening arrangement that can be removed at the drop of a hat, try the fowfer on for size.

You could try the penimaster, a lot of good things have been said about it. It’s an extender, some people say you can wear it under clothes without people seeing it. But some people who wear it 8-12 hours a day see around 0.5 cm a month.

I’m planing to get one soon and when I reach my length goal 8” ish, I’m going to jelq for girth.

Good Luck!

Newbie routine. I gained a half an inch in about 6 months. Everyone’s different though. I’m still just stretching and jelking.

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