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2 12 months no gains

2 12 months no gains

Well I have been jelqing now for almost 3 months and still have no gains. The only thing better is my flaccid penis stays bigger longer and my erections are harder, but have been like this almost the whole time. For the last month I’ve been taking sinrex, and the past 3 months have taken vitamin b complex and vitamin e. Now my routine I started for the first month, doing 150 jelqs twice a day. Now for the past month I have been doing 350 jelqs twice a day. I also heat with a rice sock before, and rub it down and massage it with pure vitamin e liquid after. During the jelqs now to switch it up I have been kegeling about 25 of the 350 strokes. And I do 2 days on 1 day off to rest. Sometimes 2 days off. Like I said My penis looks healthier and get harder, but hasn’t gained anything yet. Any clues or help would be great?? Thanks

My current size also is 6” NBPEL and what I think is thin 4.6 inch girth.

Hello, are you currently on the newbie routine? I didn’t read anywhere in your post about stretching. In my personal experience I didn’t see any gains until I mixed in stretches into my routine. If you haven’t, read the newbie routine and try to incorporate stretches into your routine.

Good Luck!

Start 6.5'' bpel 5'' eg

Current EL 7'' EG 5.25''

My Long Term Goal EL 8'' EG 6'' - Possible?

Sorry for posting twice computer froze up, and no I haven’t tried the stretching I will. But could that really make a gain difference?? Thanks

Do you feel soreness? Does your flaccid penis feel more “mushy/squishy”?

Yes, yoyo is absolutely spot on about doing both jelqing AND stretching! I have been doing this the same amount of months as you and have had great gains. The other thing is I don’t believe twice a day is optimal for us newbies either. I could be wrong about that.

My routine so far has been:

Warm up completely: (Don’t ever skip this or shorten it if possible)

Stretching: 10 minutes. (Manuel same as newbie says)

Jelqing: I go by feel. Never longer than 20 mins.

Warm down: (don’t ever skip or shorten this)

BC squeeze: (100, 2 second hold) ( 10, 10 second hold ) Whenever it’s convienient. Some days I will do twice this amount.

Restarting Stats 10/2010 5.9 inches bpel 5.1 inch eg

Current Stats: 6.50 inches bpel 5.5 inch eg (yes it's true)

Retirement Goal: 7.5 inches bpel 6.0 inch eg

Hell, yes, 350 jelqs twice a day (that would mean 700 jelqs?) is too much for 99,99% of people. Call you lucky if you have not experienced major overtraining symptoms or even injuries.

Okay then. I am going to start the stretching. And maybe I haven’t hurt myself or over trained because I don’t squeeze hard enough. I was doing so many jelqs because I worked up to that and figured, I should do that many. So is that why I haven’t gotten the results, you would figure I’d still get something. Then what should I do new. And no my penis has never really been sore or hurt.. Thanks

Start - 6" NBPEL

4.6" girth

OOH and just to let you know. I have only been doing that many strokes for a couple days. Was doing 2 sets of 250 before that. Then I thought I should just move up to more strokes. So any thoughts?

Start - 6" NBPEL

4.6" girth

T&T, why don’t you just give a try to the newbie routine as it written? Rest for a few days to give the chance to your penis to recover the bit of overwork that could have cumulated, then start fresh.

Your penis shouldn’t feel tired or such after a PE session, PE is not bodybuilding. :)

One other thing, don’t waste your money on phony pills like sinrex. I bought them just a few weeks before I found Thunders. BIGGEST waste of 200 dollars. The only gains I have came from PE and not those shit pills!

It’s been said a million times- PE is a marathon, not a sprint. If you get excited and try to get crazy with it, you’ll only injure yourself and hurt your EQ. Think of it like chipping away at a huge tree for 3-5 years. If you go nuts and try to chop it down in one swing, you’re going to break your arm. If on the other hand you have the brains to be gentle and consistent with your perspective framed within long-term goals, you will be rewarded. If you try to gain anything immediately you will suffer. :]


The other point I would make is that I think jelqing is difficult to do perfectly. If its done too hard or too lightly or too quickly you may get no benefit. I have read people on here who suddenly found their jelqing sweet spot 3 years into PE and then made gains. The stretching part is to me the most straightforward part of the newbie routine and I would definitely add that and measure your BPFSL to gauge if your routine is effective.

Ok sounds good, ill give it a 2 day rest and restart. Thanks for the advice//

Start - 6" NBPEL

4.6" girth

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