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Gaining girth manually without appliances. have you achieved this Please help

Gaining girth manually without appliances. have you achieved this Please help

Can someone please point me to the direction of a manual program or exercise that has given them good girth results? Is clamping the only way to add a substantial amount of girth? (A half inch to a whole inch) The scarring and discoloration in some of the pics I’ve seen from clampers is very unattractive so I’d never want to do that.

Here are a few other questions for you
- What were your results before-after and how long did it take you to achieve those
- What did you do
- Do you have any progress pics (with measurement a plus)

I am 5 and a half inches in girth which is above average (I believe?) but I want to be very noticeably thick. 6 and a half is my goal and I will post a log along with real and also clear before-afters if I get good results to help some of you other guys out.

Starting Stats/Current: 7 inches in length

5.5 inches in girth

End goal: 8.00 in. Length x 6.5 in. Girth

Just do newbie routine consistently, I gain my length 0.5” girth 0.4” after 2 1/2 month

6.5 is pretty huge man, I think being that large would give girls a reason not to give head :)

Ulis and horses are manual exercises that will give you very likely big girth gains. Note that they are advanced and should only be performed after 3 consistent months of the newbie routine.

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