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Gained 1" It works for me !

Gained 1" It works for me !

Let me start out by saying I started PE about 7 years ago and have been doing it on and off, mostly off.
I started at 5.5 EBP ( erect bone pressure ) I want to give the newbies some encouragement and let you know that PE is for real! Talk about an ego boost going from 5.5 to 6.5. My goal is to hit 7.5 ebp and theirs no question that I will do it.

My first attempts where mostly hanging weights and pumping, after 3 months I saw no real gains and gave up. My second serious attempt was about 3 years ago, I herd about jelqing and gained about 1/4” in 2 months. However at the end of the 2 months It was getting more difficult to get an erection and the gains stopped (over training)

I had always thought an All day stretcher was the way to go but I had tried several and all of them where uncomfortable and cut off circulation within about 10 minutes. I finally came up with a modified wrap using ace bandage, a piece of elastic strap and a s-hook I attach it to a soft knee brace. I can wear it up to 3 hours at a time. It seems the longer its worn the more frequent brakes are needed towards the end of the day. I also do “tucking stretches” at night and sometimes during the day. You can really get alot of stretch this way if you practice.

Last year I gained about 1/2” from the ads in about 4 months on and off use. I started up again about a month ago and have gained another 1/4”. So I am now at 6.5 EBP!!! It’s absolutely amazing to me that the medical community refuses to believe this. Some of the things I have found out along the way…

Thunders place is the best information site on the net PERIOD
Dont buy or take PE Pills
Take it slow and easy at first, Injuries SUCK
The ads seems to work best if you can use it 7 days a week consistently
Heat really seems to help, I like to take a really hot shower or use a hotpack if you can

Hopefully this will help some people

Well done Cammie, you are an inspiration to us all.

What stands out (apart from your significantly bigger dick) is your persistence and self-belief. It is something of a personal crusade for me that successful outcomes for all those that journey down the PE road have an overwhelming belief that they will succeed, even when setbacks (such as those you mentioned) interrupt the process.

In my case I have hit a plateau after newbie gaining about 1/2 and inch both in directions. I accept that the plateau is part of the journey. I am not stressing about it and I am using this flat-spot period to further analyse and hone my program of exercise and rest.

I am about to introduce ADS into my routine and your message (along with several others) seem to confirm this is a great method to push on to further gains.


“Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”
- Humphrey Bogart to Claude Raines, Casablanca


Great job and sound advice. Any idea how much force is in your ADS? How much time per day do you wear it on average?

Don’t be surprised about the medical community. They have a hard time accepting anything NIH (Not Invented Here). My father-in-law is a retired doctor. He thinks that anything medical that you read on the net is probably bad information. I don’t want to start a family feud so I just smile and shake my head up and down. My wife looks at me with a “knowing” expression.


Longwidehard: Good gains and good luck with your ADS. I’m lucky enough to now work from home so an ADS is a great way to go for me. I used to work as a shuttle driver and with an ADS on if you start feeling discomfort you need to take it off immediately, you cant really do that with a van full of people on the freeway lol.

shelovesit: I actually measured it one day to see what it was doing it turned out to be about 8oz-3lbs and an average of about 1lbs. With the elastic connected to a knee brace you can move your knee around and change the force depending on how it feels. I normally wear it from 6-12 hours a day with brakes from 5min to an hour depending on what i’m doing that day.

I actually just bought a vacu-hanger yesterday to use as an ADS and I cant wait to try it out. I plan on still using the elastic strap an knee brace.

How much if any stretching and jelqing were you doing during these periods where gained 3/4” in last year? From what you write hear it sounds as if all you did was ADS.

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