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Searching for what works!

Searching for what works!


I have just completed my first month of PE and I believe that I have gained. My problem is I’m not sure if It’s just wishful thinking and I’m just pushing the tape measure down harder to show me what I want to see or not!

Also just recently I did an intense 2 day on, 2 day off (Off means DO NOTHING!) routine and I measured myself today. It looked as if I had gained about 1/8” on EBPL (That would be a gain of 1/8” 4 days time) I find this is difficult to believe

Here are the only stats that I had written:
May 19, 2002
ELG 4.75 x ELBP 6.2
May 25, 2002
ELG 4.9 x ELBP 6.325

Morning, quick hot wrap followed by 10 minutes jelq, shower.
Evening, Hanging (3 minutes on 5 minutes off 2.5 - 5 pounds) for a total of about 7-10 times, rest for 10 minutes then jelq for 10 minutes.

I do the hanging in replace of stretching because Its hard to screw that one up (Just put a weight on it…that’s simple enough!)
I do kegels on my commute (Only a daily total of 300 or so)
Shortly after my evening routine I can’t get an erection because the little guy is recovering, about 12-14 hours later I almost cant stop getting erections (And good ones)

Should I drop the morning routine and allow more rest from the evening workout?
Should I stick with 2 on 2 off?

Any comments are greatly appreciated

Every day's a new one!

Well I doubt you could do any cheating to account for your girth gain. Push that ruler all the way to bone short of drawing blood. That way any gain you see you will be sure it is a real gain.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


I had asked a question about days on and off but nobody answered. I did an experement on days off and found that had made a great gain with a two on and two off. Also dropping my morning routine and concentrating on the evening routing was a very good thing, it helped increase rest between workouts. I then swiched to one on and one off. but not so sure that is as good. I saw a gain after the first workout but not after the second (YES! I’ve just recently been gaining 1/16 - 1/8 after each cycle.)

I have just completed my 5th week and I have gained a total of half an inch on BPEL. Judging by other posts I’m hoping this makes me a good canidate for a 2” total gain.

PS: My wife moaned more than usual yesterday, what a turn on. soon she will notice something is different!

Every day's a new one!


hhhhmmm…….I have learned something new this week. I lost 1/4 inch of my gains because I changed things around too much. I had such a quick groth spert and changed things too quickly that it was never cemented. Turns out that I was doing short hanging sessions in place of steching (BAD IDEA) Funny thing is at first I had the hanger not pulling straight creating a kind of modified v-strech. This was when I saw gains. When I corrected the hanger I no longer had the same stretching effect (Almost a micro tear feeling) Thats when things reversed on me.

I now know that I can’t do things just my way. I will do the recomended routine for the next two months.

Hot wrap
300 (3 second) Jelqs
3 days on one off

QUESTION - how much is too much. does the jelqing have to be directly after v-streches……Should I do more v-steches though the day?

Every day's a new one!

Hey wannabe8!

Damn you ask some hard questions! ;) “How much is too much” is a bit like asking “how long is a piece of string”! It will be different for everyone and this is where your own experience and listening to your body will really come into play. At the end of a PE session you should have a good worked-out feeling - kind of like after you’ve been to the gym - you feel both invigorated yet a bit tired.

On the jelq/v-stretch question, be careful about over-training and placing too much stress on the penis too quickly. If you decide to do this, slowly work up to it - don’t rush things and invite injury!

Good luck!

lil1 :littleguy

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Its been years since I’ve done a post. WOW 2002…..Anyway through the years I found that the constant changing of my routine stopped (maybe even reversed) the gains I thought I had been making. Ive tried a lot of things off and on through those years and seemed as if nothing would work. Now I have been reading the forums again and have been into a routine that seems to be working for me just fine. I’ve been doing it for 2 weeks now and looked at the original stats I had. huh…guess I’ve been making progress.

Original Stats:

May 19, 2002
EG 4.75 x EL-BP 6.2

Current Stats:

Feb 18th 2009 (Just started again after many years of failure)
EG 5.5 x EL-BP 6.5

Funny thing is my routine is very simple (Listen to your cock it always knows) Jelqing while holding very firm at the base (The OK grip) I only go as far as the skin will stretch while holding the tip of the penis (To keep the balloon like occurrence in the shaft) I try to do this 2 per day Mon-Fri and take the weekend off. I don’t count the time of the strokes. The range can be anywhere from 5-15 minutes during which I change from sitting and standing. I even look at the mirror to see that I’m getting the correct effect. I do the 2 second stretches (I forget what you call them) here and there throughout the day even on days off. My cock is already bigger and fatter and Ive also found that sex is way better. My penis is more sensitive and my sex drive has risen dramatically.

Even though I started the first time around in 2002 I’m still a newbie in my new routine. My stats 2 weeks ago were about the same as when I started in 2002

Every day's a new one!

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